If You’re An Animal Lover, Here’s A Real-Life Halloween Horror Story You’ll Want To Take Action On!

Halloween is a holiday, which originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.

And while children in the US and most Western countries celebrate the spooky holiday with parties, candies, and fun activities they share with family and friends, this very same time of the year is a real horror story for millions of children, whose families ritually slaughter pigs in the most barbaric, cruel way. A period when villages are filled with the screams of pigs, being chased to be roped and ruthlessly killed.

Ritual pig slaughter is a hundred-year-old tradition passed from father to son, and is actually perceived as a family-bonding celebration just before Christmas. Most families execute the deed in their village house just once, but a lot of them kill a pig a few weeks before Christmas (around Halloween), and another one on Christmas Eve, or the days just before.

This tradition is so deeply ingrained in Bulgarian culture that if a family doesn’t have a village house, they still want to be part of the Christmas pork-eating fiasco so much, that they actually pay someone to slaughter a pig for them, or take part in the famous ‘rural tourism’, where they can sleep in a village house and take part in massive pig slaughter in the village!

While the trend in Western countries is towards sustainability, the trend in Bulgaria is towards ‘going back to our roots’, which means more ritual slaughter and a rising meat consumption!

Unfortunately, after the Christmas holiday are over, the horror story does not come to an end. Now it’s time for the lambs! Families slaughter lambs for all types of occasions, including child births, Christenings, business openings, ‘for health’, ‘good luck’, and more.

These count up to millions, on top of a rising meat consumption!

Pre-Easter and Pre- St, George’s day (a famous name-day) is another peak period when lambs are being slaughtered, and again mass celebrations are being organized.

Fortunately, one unlikely duo has teamed up to make a historical change and eradicate this from its root!

Ashton was in upper level management for a huge fast food chain in the US, who has redirected his skills and experience to activities, much more aligned with his core values and beliefs; and Denitsa is a long-term partner of his, who still lives with the ghosts of the pigs slaughtered in their village house while she was a kid.

Ashton and Denitsa have come up with a long-term strategy plan to eradicate this cruel tradition and literally change history by changing how future generations are being raised! Joining their skills, talents, and experience, they are launching a Crowdfunding Campaign on the 18th of November for the establishment a One-Of-A-Kind Cruelty-Free Center that will target the problem at its very root!

Various recent examples with Denitsa’s local network have given proof that very little is needed for people to re-consider their behaviors! Her dad gave up the killing of two lambs for the opening of his car repairing service; another friend gave up meat just after a few interactions with her, and many others are willing to re-consider after receiving a tiny bit of education!

The issue is that NONE of this education is currently existent!

It is a brave, but achievable goal, and they are urging all animal lovers, regardless of their eating style to join and contribute to the cause!

The New Life Cruelty-Free Food And Educational center will pro-actively instill change into the population through the provision of free lectures, seminars, workshops, printed materials, as well as an affordable vegan café and plant-based meal delivery service. This civil, peaceful, education-driven approach will be directed towards young families and mothers, who are the main decision-makers regarding meat consumption and ritual slaughters.

Ashton and Denitsa believe that

Anyone, who has a drop of compassion in their heart would want to contribute to a project such as that.

Their slogan is

And we surely want to help!

You can sign up to get notified for the launch of their campaign on their pre-launch page at VeganBeyond.com

Which also makes sure you get a chance for early access to some of the amazing gifts they have put together especially for the campaign, like the Shining Hearts Vegan Board Game! It’s a fun, strategic game including 72 cards with beautiful images that ignites the love for animals and helps spread compassion among family and friends without being preachy or negative.

Now who wouldn’t want to be part of all this?

We sure do!