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Hey there my veggie friend ;)

I know too well that once you go vegan, there is an irresistible urge inside to help others wake up and take the plunge into compassionate living!

And what better way of getting more people on board than inspiring them with a fantastic recipe, a breathtaking transformation story, a cute animal video/story, or an informative post on vegan nutrition?

One person alone can’t make it, but together, we are strong!

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AI Dea - Vegan Nutrition Expert
Hello how are you? Ask me anything about veganism and plant-based nutrition. I can also come up with delicious recipes! Just say: Give me a recipe for vegan XYZ and I'll do it.

This is why I am inviting you to be part of the vegan revolution and become part of a growing platform that changes lives!

Why write for I Nourish Gently?

  • You will have the chance to share your vegan inspiration, and not only help others, but experience self-fulfillment on a whole new level!
  • Your recipe, story, or video might actually be the driver behind someone else’s decision to live cruelty-free.
  • With over 75K Facebook fans and growing, you have an amazing chance to promote your blog or website. The best posts get extra promotion, which gives you an even better chance to gain more followers yourself.
  • Since my focus is on Social Media, you do get tremendous exposure, which you can further use for the vegan cause.
  • I don’t require that the content is original – you can share a great recipe or story you have already published on your own blog – just make sure it is absolutely amazing, so that you do get the benefit from re-posting it on I Nourish Gently.

How do you benefit?

Except for the reasons listed above, I allow up to 3 affiliate links in your submitted content, which actually means that you can be earning money from posting your recipe or story on I Nourish Gently!

For example, in your list of ingredients, you are allowed to include your own Amazon links, and thus earn money from your content (which you will, considering the amount of social exposure our articles get).

Ready to go? Please read the submission guidelines before submitting your content to dea [at] inourishgently [dot] com