The $100 Goes To… (And A Personal Confession)

Happy New Year My Dearest Vegan Friends!

I would like to wish you all an amazing, inspired, wonderful 2016 !

From all my heart I wish that your dreams come true, or at least you keep getting closer to manifesting what you desire most and what is dearest to your hearts!

Again, I want to sincerely thank you for your heart-warming messages! Sharing what you dream about did make me feel like I have a like-minded vegan family even though I don’t personally know you.

In fact, our beliefs and values are what brings us closer to each other and I am grateful for having you here at I Nourish Gently!

Now the announcement everyone has been waiting for…

The $100 goes to….. (drumroll) :)

Jocah Le Fey

Jocah is from Australia and dreaming about finding a vegan partner with whom he could open up a spiritual retreat.

What a wonderful thing to wish for! Thank you for sharing this Jocah, for being a valued subscriber, and for opening and reading my emails. I do appreciate all this – it means a lot to me, and I am happy to give away this prize to you!

I will be sending you a personal email shortly to discuss the details of giving away the prize!


I was so excited to read Jocah’s reaction to getting the prize! Here it is:

Good Morning (my time)…. 😃😃😃
> Oh wow!!!!!! That’s amazing. And all because i answered the call of
> the drool worthy lasagne! Lol
> Thanx so much Dea… maybe winning this might even bring my dream
> closer to reality now too!! 💜💙💜
> And thank you for offering the prize in another form.
>  My paypal account would be just brilliant.
>  Just search this email address and my full name is Jocah Le Fey.
> Oh wow… still in shock! And what a great way to start the new year!!
>  Love to you, and all our vegan kin xo 💚💙💚
>  Cheers

My personal confession

Since all of you all opened up to me so sincerely, sharing your dreams, I would like to tell you a bit about myself, too.

What I wish for with all my heart is that I inspire more people to live a truly compassionate life, embracing ‘veganism’ in its wholeness. I believe the philosophy of veganism is being good in our hearts, and this involves being gentle, generous, and kind to both animals and humans. It involves doing what we can to live in a world where good-heartedness, honesty, positivity, and empathy are at the core of everything we do.

My dream is to expand this site (I Nourish Gently) and help more people inspire each other with their true life stories of becoming vegan and spreading the kindness around them. I would like to start by publishing 1 real life story by month, of someone who has transformed their life thanks to going vegan, and this has had a spillover effect on everything they do, beyond diet and health. I believe that if more people read these stories they will feel truly inspired to make a profound change and will want to make it their goal to be more compassionate, generous, and giving. I would also like to expand the platform to a point where I help vegans connect at a deeper level. Your messages did help me realize vegans need a good place to communicate, exchange ideas, and match up. I have many ideas of how to grow this site to help you get to know each other better and have a meaningful, fulfilling conversation with each other, and even create close friendships and partnerships!

Currently, it has been a tough job since I am dedicating all my time to this goal, but I am still unable to support myself while doing this. I do need more people working on the project to help it expand in the ways I mentioned to you, and even though my funds are running up, I will not give up! I have strong faith that things will improve, and that step by step I will get to where I am headed. I am dedicated to keep sending you the most awesome vegan inspiration in the form of mouthwatering recipes, breaking news, and tips on living vegan-style and enjoying it to the fullest!

One thing I would like to ask you about is that if you like what you are seeing, and you would like to support a vegan platform with big dreams of getting the world to go ‘vegan’ in its fullness,  I would be extremely extremely grateful if you give me a hand if you can!

If each of you donates just $1, I will be able to run this site for 1 full month, and if you donate a bit more, I will be able to start making the improvements I talked about (expanding the platform to an extraordinary go-to hub of vegan inspiration).

I will also be putting up ‘Get me a coffee‘ button below the recipes I dig out and try for you, so if you find any of them extraordinary you could help me keep doing this with a small donation.

I will also be extremely grateful for any good thoughts and wishes you send my way, and any time you click through any of the links and suggestions I have for you.

I do strive to only provide products, suggestions and inspiration that I find truly useful – things that I buy, use, or would buy and use myself. I do believe that if we are honest and sincere, good things will come back to us, and this is why I will keep working on this project and believing it will turn into the Vegan And Goodness Hub I see it becoming one day.

I thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this and I trust you will spread the message to like-minded vegans and friends!

I wish you an abundant, joyful, happy new 2016!

Live gently,