Why I Will Always Be Vegan? 125 Touching Confessions From Around The World

A beautifully written compilation of touching stories everyone should read.

I recently came across something that immediately drew my attention, so I knew I had to share it here on I Nourish Gently.

It’s an amazingly touching book with 125 genuinely written essays, all from ‘regular’ people, like you and I, who express their feelings, thoughts, and experiences on veganism, and most importantly – the story behind why they went and will always stay vegan.

Why I Will Always Be Vegan? 125 Touching Confessions From Around The World

The power of this book is immense in so many ways.

For vegans, it’s a wonderful read to have and feel truly connected on a heart-to-heart level with all these like-minded individuals from different corners of the world. Getting access to their feelings and thoughts about veganism feels awesomely good not only because one can relate to them on so many levels, but because these essays will maybe help you express or further understand some things, you may have struggled to put into words so far. It helps you better shape your own feelings on veganism, while also empowering you with the belief of a support system you may not have known of so far. Connecting to these people, even just through their writing certainly gives strength in a way that’s hard to explain.

As the author states in her introduction:

“It was an unexpected pleasure to see that those who have a deep understanding of the vegan ideal emerged from every corner of the globe, demonstrating that the commitment to being vegan is a phenomenon taking root from Portland to Poland, from Hollywood to Hawaii, and even in countries with economies largely based on animal exploitation.”

Of course this compilation is a wonderful read for non-vegans and those transitioning to it

Why I Will Always Be Vegan? 125 Touching Confessions From Around The WorldThese essays will give anyone a great insight into why actually people go vegan, and what keeps this passion and drive inside them throughout a lifetime. It’s an amazing read to offer anyone, who you would like to convert into veganism, because it is not too intrusive or pushy – these are real-life stories anyone can feel with their heart. The essays will help you, friends and family come to terms with the true meaning behind veganism, as this book is an eye-opener that being vegan is something a lot different than what most people consider it to be. Not a sect, a cult, a club, mystical practice, but rather something that grows into your heart, and stays there forever.

These stories are brought to you by people from a great variety of professions and walks of life, including doctors, lawyers, firefighters, engineers, which gives a true perspective that being vegan has nothing to do on where you stand in society or what you do – it only has to do with compassion and the willingness to open your mind to some simple truths.

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A few quotes from the essays, each of which sheds light on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the vegan truth

‘I will always be vegan, because I am no longer selfish enough to require that another sentient being should suffer and die for my convenience.’

‘To respect means to be vegan.’

‘To no longer be vegan would mean to return to a world of darkness, for it would require me to close the light of moral progress that illuminates the way forward to a better world for all of us.’

‘I have watched them struggle and fight for their lives. I used to disregard their suffering and push my feelings away…’ ‘… It’s not a diet. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s a stand for justice.’

‘I trust that, by now, the animals know that they can count on me.’

‘This traumatic event made sure that, unless I will be subjected to a lobotomy, or my brain will be sipped by alien brain suckers or munched by zombies, I will always be vegan.’

‘I know understand and appreciate the holistic, expansive vision of veganism held by the pioneers in the 1940s and 1950s: that veganism is part of the peace movement and looks towards the moral evolution of humanity.’

‘That night parts of their corpse were served on my plate and I recall feeling very uncomfortable forcing the flesh into my mouth. I knew something wasn’t right about this.’

‘Will I be vegan for the rest of my life? You bet your cotton socks I will.’