Watch The Vegan Advert To Be Screened In Cinemas Reaching Millions Of Viewers!

More than two million viewers will be shown professional vegan adverts on the big screen – thanks to an initiative by Bristol-based charity Viva!

The organization has launched a crowdfunder to pay for its innovative scheme – which will cost a staggering £100k.

The campaign – called Bring Hope To Millions – will see the ads screened in cinemas at the end of 2017.

An anonymous donor will match ALL donations to a total of £50k, so every donation is essentially doubled. 


Earlier this year, Viva! rescued a sow, Hope, and her six piglets from a farm where they were destined for slaughter.

All seven pigs now live at Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary in the beautiful Welsh countryside, where they are free to live out their days in happiness.

Footage of Hope’s first outing at the sanctuary shows her jumping for joy at her newly-found freedom. The video was shared online, went viral, and captured the hearts of millions, inspiring many to change their diet.


According to a spokesperson: “Viva! has compiled a catalogue of shocking footage from investigations into British farms, challenging government and industry’s claims that we have the ‘highest animal welfare standards in the world’.

“Viva!’s Bring Hope to Millions campaign will show audiences the powerful contrast between Hope’s life at the sanctuary and pigs living in the confinement of intensive farms across Britain.”


Founder and Director of Viva!, Juliet Gellatley, explained the significance of this campaign: “Basic natural instincts such as rooting, foraging and nest building are unavailable to pigs on intensive farms. Breeding sows are caged and can’t even turn around for much of the time.

“The beautiful footage of Hope and her family at the sanctuary demonstrates how pigs should live and is in stark contrast to the lives of  farmed animals.

“Most people have never seen a pig living freely and the contrasts shown in our cinema advert will affect them deeply.”

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Unfortunately, piggies like these are being killed in the most painful, cruel way pre-Christmas time in certain regions of the world, and we are aiming to change this forever. To help us save millions of animals’ lives, please click here.

The trailer will be produced by PBN Creative – you can find out more here.