7 Little-Known Reasons To Include The Vegan ‘Brain Superfood’ Into Your Diet

Walnuts are a kind of nut that possesses immense health benefits such as reduction of bad cholesterol, weight management etc. Most of us like to have a bite of walnut now and then but not ready to regularly include them in our diet.

Most of us have them as an alternative food when our tongue itches to taste something. But on the contrary, walnuts can be considered to be a very health enriching food. Let us find out more about walnuts and why we should include it in our diets as early as possible.

What exactly are walnuts?

Okay, so let’s brush up the basics about walnuts so that we understand their health benefits much better. Walnuts are edible seeds which we can obtain from the Juglansgenus trees. They are particularly round in shape, and people consider it as a single-seeded fruit of the tree. The fruit along with the seed is enclosed inside an inedible, thick husk. The shell itself is very hard and can be divided into two halves.

How do they feel on the taste buds?

Walnuts mostly provide a pleasant experience on the taste buds, a crunchy texture topped with delicious taste. This makes it such an essential component of a large variety of cookies.

It is also used majorly in cereals, cakes, granola, energy bars and the banana walnut bread. Walnuts are particularly rich in anti-oxidants for which it is used extensively in shampoos, soaps, scrubs, body oils and exfoliators. In fact, walnut oil is very famous for its anti-ageing properties.

Little-Known Health benefits of walnuts

Apart from the ones mentioned briefly above walnuts have a lot of other health benefits that matter primarily to our well-being. We have assimilated a few major ones and explained them briefly below.

1. Fight against cancer

Walnuts are known to reduce the risk of breast cancer as well as prostate cancer. A study conducted on mice had revealed that when the mice consumed 2.4 ounces equivalent of walnuts for 18 weeks, they had slower-growing and comparatively smaller prostate tumours when compared to those mice who consumed an equal amount of fat.

Walnut diet reduces prostate cancer chances by a whopping 40 percentage whereas breast cancer chances are reduced by 50 per cent.

2. Boost heart health

A significant component of walnuts is amino acid I-arginine which is responsible for offering multiple benefits on a vascular level to heart disease victims or the ones suffering from the risk of heart disease.

But victims of herpes should limit their walnut intake because of the high level of arginine within them which can remove the amino acid lysine level and trigger the recurrences of herpes. A daily diet of one ounce walnut can drastically decrease your heart attack risk and hence the risk of heart failures causing death.

3. Anti-oxidants boost

We all know how vital anti-oxidants are to our health. They are believed to act as anti-ageing products which combat the free radicals and help us to age at a slower rate.

Walnuts possess several unique anti-oxidants which are only available in a rare breed of food including Quinone juglone, flavanol morin.8. The anti-oxidants contained inside walnuts are so powerful that they act on the free radical remarkably and helps to prevent any liver damage.

4. Controlling weight

When we add a precise dosage of walnuts in our diet, we can ideally maintain our body weight to a large extent. Satiety can also be increased mostly by adding a lot of walnuts to your diet.

5. Boost Brain Health

The next best thing about walnuts is that it also contains neuroprotective components which include folate, vitamin E, anti-oxidants and omega-3 fats. Consumption of it enhances your brain health and boosts your ability of inference reasoning in the youth. Moreover, oxidative stress can also be reduced by consuming it.

6. Diabetes

The dietary fat in walnuts is a notable health beneficial component of walnuts. It is known to improve the parameters of metabolism in type 2 diabetic patients. Walnut consumption helps significantly reduce fasting insulin in diabetic patients within the first three months.

7. Enhanced male fertility

The last health benefit of walnut is also a lesser-known one. It is known to increase male reproductive health to a large extent. Any average male who consume a reasonably western diet can improve his sperm quality which includes motility, vitality and morphology by adding around half a cup of walnuts in is daily diet.

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