Veganism A Growing Trend In Meat-Centric Russia, Vogue Writer Highlights!

Veganism is taking the world by storm and this news is larger than it looks!

As someone, who has travelled quite a lot, I can confirm that such news means something – in fact it means quite A LOT! If you have ever been in an Eastern country, you will know that the vegan options there are quite limited, and local traditions are so deeply engrained in people’s minds and behaviors that change happens with tiny baby steps.

For example, during one of my trips I had to spend one day in a town in Turkey – it was not the smallest of towns, and in fact it is a well-known shopping destination, but for what I remember it was one of the hungriest days in my life. Please don’t get me wrong – I do have Turkish friends, and I think they are the most hospitable people I have ever met, but this day in Turkey is unforgettable because of the lack of food options there! It was hot, I was so tired and I was so hungry, yet I could not find anything that would fit my needs – takeaways and restaurants were so meat-centric that I literally spent the whole day drinking loads of water. This of course does not mean to put a stereotype on Turkey, but rather give an illustration that in some countries the emergence and growth of veganism is a victory indeed! Back to Russia.

Fashion writer Liana Satenstein reveals that veganism is taking former Soviet states by storm

In a recent feature on Vogue magazine’s website, writer Liana Satenstein revealed that veganism is an emerging trend in both Russia and Ukraine. While the countries are well-known for being meat-and-cheese centric, Satenstein highlighted several indicators that the former Soviet states are embracing veganism.

Moscow-based vegan restaurants KM20 and Fresh—which has four locations—are focusing on locally sourced plants such as nettles, dandelions, and spruces to create their plant-based menus, while Ukrainian restaurant and food truck Vegano Hooligano—with locations in Kiev and Odessa—also serve vegan fare to fill the growing demand.

Owner Rudolf Krajewski has stated that “the amount of such places doubles annually” since 2011. Furthermore, Satenstein revealed that two-day festival Kyiv Vegan Boom recently welcomed 10,000 visitors on its first day.

Vegan festivals around the world are growing in popularity, with events in Bristol, UK, New Forest, England, and Los Angeles attracting record numbers in recent years.