Vegan Thanksgiving Was A Top Google Search Term This Year! Twice As Popular as Keto!

I hope you didn’t have to spend hours on Google, spending all that precious time to pick out the best recipes, because you have downloaded The Vegan Holiday Avalanche (you can still get it here for FREE, as it has menus for Christmas and New Years’s, too).

Well, naturally, not everyone got hold of that amazing resource, and they turned to Google. Great news is the number of people, who chose to have a cruelty-free Thanksgiving was more than ever!

Google data shows that last year vegan Thanksgiving menus has more than doubled (!) in popularity compared to a year ago. This year, vegan Thanksgiving recipes show up again in Google’s top rising queries and more extraordinary, there were

As many people searching for vegan Thanksgiving recipes as there are people searching for turkey Thanksgiving recipes.

States with the Highest and Lowest Searches for Vegan Recipes

Vermont, New York, Kansas, Oregon and Washington are the top 5 states with the highest density of vegan recipe searches. At the bottom of the table, we find a few vegan wastelands where there were not enough vegan recipe searches to even color-code the state areas. These vegan desert states are West Virginia, Mississippi, North and South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Top related search terms included:

Thanksgiving vegan recipes

Vegan recipes

Whole Foods vegan Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2018

Vegan recipes for Thanksgiving

Vegan Thanksgiving dinner

Vegan Thanksgiving turkey

Vegan Thanksgiving menu

Vegan Thanksgiving desserts

Vegan Thanksgiving rap

On YouTube, which is part of Google, a fully raw vegan Thanksgiving stuffing recipe is shown as one of the top videos.

Vegan Turkey is a Thing

More proof on this is the rising popularity of vegan turkey as over 4,000 searches for vegan turkey were made in the past twelve months in the US alone.

What about vegan versus vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes? Vegan is the clear winner. There are more than double the searches for vegan Thanksgiving recipes compared to vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes.

All this great news truly makes me excited!

Let’s keep it going and share content like this to show everyone ‘vegan’ is the new ‘normal’!

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