Vegans! This TED Talk Is What The Whole World Needs To Hear – Let’s Spread The Message

Absolutely brilliant! Just watch. And do share!

I believe that one of the main factors in getting people to transition to veganism is them hearing a well structured, intelligently presented argument by an authority figure. I find that people, who are closest to me are the hardest to actually want to hear and listen to my point, because they perceive this as preaching or simply wanting to impose my views and lifestyle on them.

But what if videos like this one spread all over the internet?

Then YOUR friends, and spouse, and children, they would finally click and listen to it, out of curiosity.

Here is an example… A few months ago I saw this video of a little chubby girl dancing next to 2 others. She was obviously a lot more confident than them, quite artistic indeed and the video went viral, it was literally all over Facebook. Still, I just refused to watch it in full… I didn’t feel like it, there was just something in it that made me cringe…

But guess what? This video popped up on my feed again! Another friend of mine had shared it and I just couldn’t stand this anymore. I wanted to see why oh why is everybody sharing this! So I finally played the sound and watched the video in full!

Believe it or not, the very same thing could happen with the following TED talk by Dr. Melanie Joy, which, for me, is

One of the most sophisticated, thought provoking, well presented arguments on Carnism – just watch!

[easy-youtube id=”O_zR4qD7-po” video_url=””]