Vegan Rockstar And Athlete John Joseph On Why “Meat Is For Pussies”

Some would say that with so much buzz around vegan athletes and celebrities, this is rather turning into a hype, a fashion.

However, here, at I nourish gently, we couldn’t disagree more.

Veganism is not a fashion, but an evolution.

There is no way a man with a primitive attitude and planted prejudices and habits can adopt veganism. It is the result of a conscious choice, linked to many factors, and this is why many would find the transition difficult. If veganism has become fashionable lately, it’s only a great sign, because this is the way to raise our consciousness collectively, solving many problems including violence and environmental issues.

Already many people are waking up, making a conscious choice for many things in life, and what we put in our bodies is important. As a wise man said, we are what we eat. The more alive our food is, the more alive we would be ourselves.

This is why today we have chosen to get some vegan inspiration from the intriguing story of a man who has made the decision to make this conscious choice

Many athletes have chosen to be vegan, but this man has a unique history of his own – here’s his thrilling transformation.

As a teenager he was homeless, addicted to drink and drugs – he ‘spent all of ’88 on crack’ – shot, stabbed and banged up in jail.

The 1.0 version of John Joseph could hardly be further away from the man he is today.

Now, 35 years on, he is a vegan athlete with five Ironman triathlons under his belt – and he puts his metamorphosis down in part to his meat-free diet.

Why he believes meat is for pussies.

‘If you told me in 1980 I would be continuing a plant-based diet 35 years later at 53 and killing it in Ironman triathlons I would have laughed right in your face,’ he says.

‘My background was the toughest of the tough, growing up in New York City.

‘I came from a violent, alcoholic home and in 1969 I was placed into a succession of orphanages and abusive foster homes.”

‘What changed first and foremost was my diet, then attitude followed.

‘I learned about PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) when the Rastafarian punk band Bad Brains gave me a job as their roadie in 1981.

The first part of that process was swearing off meat, fish, eggs, dairy, processed food, drugs and the rest.

‘That was the catalyst for change in my life because when I started to give a damn about what I was ingesting all other positive change followed.’

The blinders came off, so to speak.

‘I soaked up knowledge like a sponge. Got sober, took up yoga and meditation, martial arts, cycling, distance swimming and running.

‘I was hooked because I saw results.”

‘Truth is, most of the dudes asking me where I get my protein are overweight, need pills to get an erection, haven’t seen their man bits in years and need an hour on the toilet to get rid of the rotting carcasses in their colons.

‘It’s what I refer to as The Bullshit Protein Myth.’

‘So… at the end of the day, if a plant-based diet can work for a screw up like me and some of these dudes, it can work for anybody.’

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