New Vegan Cheese Made Entirely From Potatoes Invented By Australian Entrepreneur!

Undersized, misshapen, and bruised produce—while perfectly edible and just as nutritious as more becoming, shapely fruits and vegetables—often gets the short end of the stick. The very short end. In a pretty big way.

In fact, research suggests that as much as 50 percent of the produce that we grow here in the U.S. is wasted. Left to rot in fields, fed to cattle instead of humans, or shipped directly from the farm to the landfill, this wasted food comes with a hefty price tag: an estimated $160 billion.

Enter the founder of PotatoMagic,

Australian entrepreneur Andrew Dyhin, who wants to turn that wasted energy into something magical: a new vegan cheese made entirely from potatoes.

Using a closely guarded secret process that has been honed over the last 12 years, Dyhin has perfected his craft so that in one to two days, potatoes of all shapes and sizes can be turned into a melty, shreddable, versatile cheese free of all the cruelty, cholesterol, and saturated animal fats found in cheeses made from the milk of cows, goats, or other animals.

All Vegan Cheese Now Called Gary!

And it’s not just cheese made from potatoes.

Dyhin’s process can be applied to other vegetables, fruits, and grains as well.

This game-changing process can turn imperfect-looking reject spuds into dairy-free milks, cheeses, creams, and custards. Better yet, these potatoes are still able to serve as snacking staples such as chips and fries or as familiar breakfast foods like hash browns.

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PotatoMagic is hoping to ramp up its production to go global, and we’re already licking our lips and planning a potluck for the day that it does.

Tide yourself over until it arrives!

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