This Video Of Bacon Lovers Meeting Piglets Is All The Vegan Inspiration You Need This Week

This video of bacon lovers meeting tiny cute piglets put a huge smile on my face!

I really love it how they’ve changed the angle and rather than showing the horrors of killing animals, this heart-melting footage shows the compassion and kind-hearted nature hidden within each of us.

I do believe most people eat meat just because they’ve been conditioned NOT to think about the fact their food is in fact another living being that has been slaughtered and put to death just so that they can satisfy their taste buds. Most will keep living in denial, but I believe that if we, as vegans, are persistent in showing them the reality in a variety of creative, eye-opening ways, meat eaters would be much more willing to listen.

Let’s face it, trying to show someone cruelty, slaughter, torture and death is likely to make them respond with denial and further aggressiveness.

But this? This is too cute not to watch!

See it now and tell me – Do you actually believe we can stop animal cruelty by changing the angle and getting people to ‘meet their food’?

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