Vegan Holiday “Meat Free” Meat Guide: 8 Perfect Roasts Reviewed

No vegan holiday would be complete without a delicious main dish. Long-term vegans may find it easier to put together something enticing for the whole family to enjoy, but those who are new to the lifestyle may feel intimidated by the thought of balancing varying beliefs and eating habits within the family.

Thankfully, with today’s vegan main dish substitutes it’s easy to impress even real turkey eaters! Over the years, the number of plant-based meats has exploded, and companies are making sure there are lots of delicious choices that will please everyone on the guest list.

Here are the best plant-based meats for the holidays!

Vegan Holiday Meat Guide

Vegetarian Plus Whole Vegan Turkey

Vegan Holiday “Meat Free” Meat Guide: 8 Perfect Roasts Reviewed

This is something that may not seem appealing to many long term vegans, but it would surely be a hit among families, who are having their first holiday season as plant-based eaters! Vegetarian Plus Whole Vegan Turkey looks just like the real thing! The fully cooked, four-pound meatless turkey is made from non-GMO soy and wheat. It is firm, moist and slices easily. It comes with one-pound of vegan stuffing and a one-pound package of vegan mushroom-flavored gravy that all you have to is heat up. The box says that one whole vegan turkey feeds twenty-six people, so it’s a good choice if you have to feed a crowd.

Tofurky Holiday Products

Vegan Holiday “Meat Free” Meat Guide: 8 Perfect Roasts Reviewed

Tofurky has been “America’s leading turkey alternative since 1995.” When the first Tofurky Roast was introduced, people who chose to eat meat-free no longer needed to feel left out of holiday dinners. Tofurky roasts have a meat-like texture and delicious, savory flavor. If you’ve got friends and family to impress, then this is the roast for you.


Vegan Holiday “Meat Free” Meat Guide: 8 Perfect Roasts Reviewed

Gardein’s tender stuffed roast leans more toward gourmet than its faux meat counterparts, and the difference is discernable to your palate. The stuffed Gardein veggie roast is TO DIE FOR. Better than real turkey. The “meat”, made from soy, wheat, peas, beets and carrots, has a flavor and texture that will satisfy even hardcore carnivores. The  flavors, along with the included gravy, can pass for an extremely succulent and fancy stuffed bird, or just an amazing vegetarian dish.



Field Roast Grain Meat Company makes a full line of faux meat products, and their Celebration Loaf, which looks more like a Beef Wellington than a turkey, is perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas. The  wheat-protein loaf is stuffed with a hearty, sweet butternut squash, apple and mushroom stuffing, and marinated with a smoky, garlicky finish – and the best part – layered in a crispy, flaky puff pastry. DELISH!

Trader Joe’s Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast with Gravy

Vegan Holiday “Meat Free” Meat Guide: 8 Perfect Roasts Reviewed

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a Trader Joe’s market, they offer a Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast with Gravy. The one-pound roast is made with ancient grain flour and seasoned soy protein. It has a great texture and delicious flavor especially because the roast is breaded and seasoned with herbs and red pepper flakes. The roast is filled with a wild rice stuffing with cranberries. It also comes with gravy to top it all off. The roast can feed up to six people.

Field Roast Smokey Forager’s Roast

Vegan Holiday “Meat Free” Meat Guide: 8 Perfect Roasts Reviewed

This two-pound roast is made with a rich, smokey tomato grain meat seasoned with a special blend of spices. It’s stuffed with a traditional bread and wild rice stuffing that also contains chanterelle mushrooms and wild huckleberries gathered in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. The roast is topped with a pineapple mustard glaze for a sweet and savory finish. This roast can feed up to eight people.

Fry’s Soy & Quinoa Country Roast

Vegan Holiday “Meat Free” Meat Guide: 8 Perfect Roasts Reviewed

This new product from Fry’s Family Foods is both delicious and nutritious. High in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, it’s great for carving and serving with gravy and veggies.


If you’re tired of store-bought alternatives and want to try something new this year, or just prefer to whip something up from scratch, try this flavor-packed recipe for vegan seitan turkey that you can easily make right at home. Check out this step-by-step video right here.

And if you still prefer to cook most of your meals from scratch, using whole foods, without spending hours in the kitchen, you should get hold of The Complete Vegan Recipe Solution, which features 145 delicious recipes, perfectly balanced to boost your energy and help you fight post-holiday depression and fatigue.