Vegan Holiday Avalanche – ALL Your Holiday Meals Sorted FREE! (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s)

Are you big on planning?

I didn’t used to be. I would stress over an event I had to plan or a task I had to do, and then just rush through in the last moment to get everything done on time. It would take me weeks of stress and worry to think about the event or task I have, but keep telling myself ‘I don’t have inspiration right now.’


Often you don’t get ANY inspiration AT ALL until you actually act!

Upon coming to this realization, I started changing my habits. No matter how far away in time the event or task seemed to be, I would start preparing, planning, and basically acting on it well in advance.

How much was I surprised when I discovered, not only that the inspiration starts coming to you as soon as you start working on the task, but the whole process is A LOT MORE carefree and enjoyable!

So, I started applying this rule to my holiday preparation and planning (including meals and gifts).

I went even further, and created a completely FREE E-book to help you and everyone else enjoy the upcoming holiday season stress-free!

I wanted to really give something of value to all of my loyal readers and followers, and since the holidays are a time for giving, sharing, and experiencing the joy of togetherness, I decided I want to make this as a gift to everyone, who is looking to make their winter season truly special!

I know one of the biggest stress-causing issues once holiday season hits is making the decision WHAT to cook and whether it will turn out good enough for a special occasion!

This is why I wanted to take ALL guesswork out of your holiday planning and give you complete peace of mind!

If you have been following my recipe suggestions for some time, and tried even just a few of them, you will know I have a talent for picking out the absolutely BEST selection of meals for ANY occasion!

I create and modify recipes, so that they meet the following criteria:

  • They are so delicious that they make both vegans and meat-eaters drool and crave more!
  • They are relatively easy to put together and don’t use a bunch of crazy ingredients you don’t know where to find.
  • They perfectly suit the occasion I am suggesting them for!

Meeting all these, I have created a 64-page Free E-book, packed with value!

It starts out with some super practical and actionable tips on how to have a relaxed, enjoyable and stress-free holiday season, and then goes on to give you:

  • 15 Vegan Recipe Suggestions for Halloween
  • A Full recipe plan with Centerpieces, appetizers, side dishes and dessert for Thanksgiving
  • And a full recipe plan with main dishes, starters, and desserts for Christmas and New Years!

I have literally taken ALL of the hesitation out of your Holiday meal planning to leave you with pure enjoyment!

ALL of the recipes in the Vegan Holiday Avalanche are guaranteed to WOW your guests and show the BEST of vegan cooking. They are all chosen, so that they satisfy even the pickiest guests and meat eaters.

Plus, it’s ALL free, so it’s all a WIN for you!


I wholeheartedly advise you not to spend another minute postponing the planning of these events.

Even if you are not feeling too festive right now, I know you’ll thank me later for taking the time to even just skim through the E-book and get some inspiration.

Here’s how to get your free download.

Much love and talk again later!