10 Surefire Ways To Get The Gorgeously Attractive ‘Vegan Glow’

The best advocacy for veganism is leading by example and here’s how to get everyone to start asking you:

‘You look gorgeous what have you been doing lately?’

In fact, this reminds me of a situation that happened just over a year ago. I have a close friend, who is a lot younger than me, and I love her as my little sister. She is this bubbly, energetic, beautiful girl, who has always been boosting with energy and good vibes. At some point, though, it caught my attention that she was literally ‘glowing’. I honestly didn’t think she could look and feel even better than what she already was! But she did! Her skin had started literally shining, her eyes were even clearer than before (she has these big blue eyes), and as she moved, it looked like she was almost floating a few inches off the ground.

So I told her she was absolutely shining, and that she looked more stunning than ever, asking her what she had been doing. She was a bit shy to confess, because she was obviously not sure whether she was going to be able to stick to it (and she knows about my lifestyle), but she had gone vegan!

I was so thrilled with the news and I am even more thrilled she has not only kept going strong with her cruelty-free choices, but she and her boyfriend are now raising two stray dogs, both of which were injured and wouldn’t have survived without their love and care.

Another illustrative example that veganism changes your body and life for the better!

Now back to the

10 Surefire Ways To Get The Gorgeously Attractive Vegan Glow

  1. Avoid foods you have sensitivities or allergies to. 

10 Surefire Ways To Get The Gorgeously Attractive ‘Vegan Glow’

Eating foods that cause you inflammation will cause your outward appearance to lack luster as well. The most common food allergens are dairy, wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, eggs, fish and shellfish.  The trio of wheat, dairy, and sugar are most problematic for digestion, well-being, weight, and beauty.  You can discover your own sensitivities by listening closely to your body, keeping a food log to record how you feel after you eat different things, or trying an elimination diet.

  1. Exercise to a sweat and vitamin RS. 

Blood circulation throughout the body pinks up those pretty cheeks. If you are not into this kind of intense exercise, Vitamin RS,  also known as regular sex, could just do the trick, as sex is known to help reduce pressure and promote blood circulation amongst other benefits.

  1. Minimize or eliminate sugar, junk foods and processed foods. 

Play the grocery cart game. Look in people’s grocery carts and then look at their skin.  You will see a direct correlation. The more fresh, unprocessed foods you will eat, and less sugar and junk food – the better your skin will look. Try to experiment with some high-raw nutrition and see what type of an effect it has on your appearance.

  1. Eat foods rich in silicon. 

10 Surefire Ways To Get The Gorgeously Attractive ‘Vegan Glow’

Known as the “beauty mineral”, silicon promotes youthful, elastic skin and connective tissue throughout the body.  It also therefore reduces wrinkles, improves the strength and thickness of the skin and gives hair and nails a healthy appearance too.  Silicon-rich foods are nettles, radishes, romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumbers with the peel, bell peppers with the peel, tomatoes with their skin, oats, and baby greens. Choose foods that are rich in silicon, sulfur, zinc, and iron

  1. Eat foods that contain sulfur. 

10 Surefire Ways To Get The Gorgeously Attractive ‘Vegan Glow’

Sulfur-containing foods make the skin radiant and give it a beautiful tone.  Sulfur is also crucial for healthy joints, hair, and nails, and is said to heal scars and acne (and make your hair curlier!).  You can bathe in sulfur-rich hot springs and use cosmetics containing sulfur, and you can eat it too:  arugula (rocket), onions, garlic, radishes, pumpkin seeds, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, hemp seeds, kale, mustard greens and watercress are all easy additions to your vegan diet.

  1. Have a zinc-rich diet. 

Zinc is a powerful anti-inflammatory that also keeps lymph circulating through the body.  It is crucial for a healthy immune system, heals acne and wounds, prevents the signs of aging, and much more.  Zinc is so important it is one of the few supplements I myself take.  Food sources of zinc are poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, pecans, pine nuts, sesame seeds, leafy green vegetables, lentils, tofu, almonds, and whole grains.

  1. Make sure you are getting enough iron. 

10 Surefire Ways To Get The Gorgeously Attractive ‘Vegan Glow’

In his book, Eating for Beauty, David Wolfe writes “Iron-rich blood produces a soft glowing tint of beauty visible just underneath the skin. Leafy green veggies such as spinach, Swiss Chard, and parsley are rich in iron, as are Jerusalem artichokes, beans, lentils, pumpkin seeds, millet, figs, dried apricots and dates. To absorb the iron from these foods, you must eat them with vitamin C rich foods.  And note that drinking coffee close to meals inhibits iron absorption, so nix those after meal espressos!

  1. Smoking and beautiful skin do not co-exist. 

You may get away with it for awhile when you are young, but down the line your skin turns as gray as your ash. Smoking is linked both to skin aging and early age wrinkles in addition to the other disastorous affects cigarrets have  – so quiting is one of the best things you can do for your skin, your health, and your enviroment.

  1. Easy on the coffee. 

I refer to coffee as fake fuel because we often use it to mask the fact that we are truly exhausted.  If you can’t wake up without your coffee, it’s time to move your bedtime a little earlier.  Coffee might pep you up but it won’t hide those dark circles and dull skin.  (It also stains your teeth.  White teeth make your complexion and appearance “pop”).

  1. Don’t wash your face. 

Sounds crazy right?  But quite often just rinsing thoroughly with warm water is all you need, even after a heavy workout.  If that doesn’t feel right to you or you need to take makeup off, learn how to wash with essential oils and a warm washcloth

So best of success to you in getting that vegan glow, and above all, remember:

“People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in; their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”  -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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