Elmlea has announced single and double animal free cream options called Elmlea PLANT for consumers looking for vegan alternatives.

Unilever owned dairy company Elmlea has entered the plant-based market with the launch of its first series of plant-based cream alternatives.

The company has launched ELM Plant that features two vegan cream varieties. The single cream option is priced at just 95p and the double cream alternative will retail at £1.10.

To make sure vegan customers are not burdened with paying extra for dairy alternatives, Elmlea has maintained the same price as its buttermilk-based creams.

Elmlea plant-based cream

The company declares the plant-based cream ‘pours, cooks and whips just like a dairy cream’.

It is a ‘blend of fababean protein and plant oils’, which gives it a rich creamy texture and is ‘totally free from artificial flavors and preservatives’.

Also, the product can remain fresh for 15 weeks if left unopened.

Consumers can buy the dairy-free creams from Sainsbury’s and Asda.

The company cautions allergy sufferers that the product is ‘made in an environment or factory that handles dairy products’ and could be counterproductive for them.

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