One Unusual Cooking Secret I Follow For Vegan Magic Creations!

Just a few days ago, I had to come up with a vegan breakfast that had to meet the following requirements:

  • Healthy
  • Filling
  • Pack easily

It didn’t matter whether it would be sweet or savory. I was seriously feeling stuck, because it’s still warm and summery here, so I wanted it to be light enough, too. My usual breakfast in hot days usually involves fruit plus peanut butter, but I knew I had to come up with something more creative, something a male would find filling and satisfying.

And here is the exact type of thinking that saved me from my creative rut!

I remembered that I had a huge amount of home-grown organic apples in my fridge, which I couldn’t eat all by myself. So, I started brainstorming ideas that would include the apples into something delicious that is suitable enough for vegan breakfast.

First thing that came up in my mind was an apple strudel!

Most recipes for an apple strudel involve a lot of work, though, so I figured I would look for a recipe with filo dough. I don’t know if you are using it enough in your recipes, but filo dough is super handy for all types of sweet and savory meals. It is healthy enough, as it’s lighter than regular dough and packs very well!

I started looking for apple strudel recipes with filo dough and I came across something that sounded super delicious, so the only thing I did was replace butter with coconut oil, add a few other ingredients for extra oumph and voila!

The result was mesmerizingly delicious!

Yes, this is what everyone, who tasted my creation genuinely thought. They usually talk about my meals days after they’ve tasted them! I feel so much joy every time I am talking about the food I cook, because indeed – I am getting so many compliments. That is why I want to pass some of my secrets to you!

Here are the exact steps I follow that I believe can help you, too!

  1. I come up with an ingredient I like, which is in season, too. My advice to you is never to obsess about what your guests or family would enjoy. Instead, believe that whatever you find healthy and delicious, they will like, too – because you will prepare it in a super delicious way! I guarantee, you will be able to satisfy them and get compliments if you follow the next steps.
  2. When you have chosen the main ingredient of your meal (apples, potatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, spinach, etc.), then decide what you need your meal for. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Do you want it to be in a solid or liquid form? Do you need it to pack easily? My general rule of thumb is that if I am preparing something for people, who don’t eat vegan food too often, I make it a solid meal in the form of cake or patties. This makes it possible to combine a number of ingredients, to make the taste super rich, and easily satisfy their taste buds, who usually crave texture and richness in spices.
  3. Once you have clarified these two things in your head, you can start looking for recipes.

For example, if you have chosen potatoes (an ingredient EVERYONE loves!), you can start looking for ‘vegan potato patties’ or ‘vegan potato stew’ and look to choose a recipe that involves  one or two more ingredients that would make the meal filling, rich, and satisfying. For example, potatoes combine well with spinach, mushrooms, tofu – basically, anything. By itself, each ingredient is nothing ‘special’ – but when combined in the right way, the result becomes something fantastically delicious!

4.   The fourth and final step is possibly most important of all.

Healthiest Vegan Recipes

I always use a recipe to get an idea of proportions, ingredients, and preparation methods. But I always, always put my creativity and heart into a meal in order to make it extra rich and delicious! For example, I added raisins to the apple strudel recipe, which didn’t exist in the original recipe. I also added extra sugar and biscuits to make it tastier. I always, always make replacements and add ingredients in order to make a meal richer and tastier! Sounds confusing? It’s super easy, you just need to close your eyes and imagine very well how you want your meal to taste. Then you will get an idea of what you need to add or replace from the original recipe! For example, for savory recipes, I always add nutritional yeast, and for sugary ones, I usually add extra sweeteners in the form of raisins or brown unrefined sugar.

If you are still not sure where to start with your vegan culinary experiments, I have for you 145 vegan recipes that are a unique combination of healthy and delicious! Perfectly balanced nutrition-wise, they are filling, satisfying, yet help you effortlessly lose weight, skyrocket energy levels, and fight chronic fatigue for good! Download Them In The Complete Vegan Recipe Solution Here.

Eat deliciously!