A Unique Vegan-Only Neighborhood Is Being Built In The Most Unexpected Place!

Some time ago, we posted an article about the unexpected rise in vegan and vegetarian options in meat-centric Russia. But never did we suppose it would be the FIRST country, to actually introduce an exclusive neighborhood for vegans!

The neighborhood will be built in St. Petersburg, and will be exclusive to vegans and vegetarians only.

It will also be entirely alcohol and smoke-free.

The neighborhood will be named Veda Village, and will be placed in the Zanevka village. Two of the buildings in the complex are already fully finished. It is expected that another building will be fully complete by the end of the first trimester of 2018.

The whole complex is expected to consist of seven buildings, where 210 families can live.

A Unique Vegan-Only Neighborhood Is Built In The Most Unexpected Place!

The neighborhood will also provide children playgrounds, yoga, and massage places. A school and a kindergarden have also been planned, where only vegan food will be served.

Everyone can visit the neighborhood as a guest, but only true vegans will be able to purchase a home there.

A Unique Vegan-Only Neighborhood Is Built In The Most Unexpected Place!

For this to happen, the candidate buyers have to undergo an interview and prove they are vegan.

You can take a closer look at this dream place in the video below:

This is proof that even the most unexpected place in the world can make huge advances in their lifestyle and way of thinking! Please support us in changing the course of history in a place, where ritual slaughter is still a common thing! Click here to help us save millions.