This Sweet Herb Tones Your Abs And Skyrockets Your Metabolism!

Have you ever heard of Patchouli? This less known herb is a bushy herb from the mint family which is known for its rich, sweet fragrance. It is typically used in products like perfumes, air fresheners, laundry detergents, and other scented products. It also provides a wide plethora of benefits, from reducing the appearance of skin imperfections to boosting metabolism.


The health benefits of the oil obtained from the Patchouli herb can be attributed to its wide-ranging properties, from antiseptic, astringent, antidepressant, sedative, diuretic, and aphrodisiac to cytoplasmic, tonic, deodorant, insecticide, and fungicide.

1.Reduces Inflammation

Patchouli oil is extremely effective in reducing inflammation and soothing irritation. It is beneficial for inflammation-related conditions as well, such as arthritis and gout.

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Patchouli essential oil works as preventative measure against infections and protects ulcers and wounds from becoming septic. This is one of the most outstanding benefits of this patchouli oil, given that many minor wounds increase the risk of serious infections like tetanus.

3. Boosts Metabolism

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Patchouli oil works as a potent tonic which has the ability to boost the metabolism while toning the intestines, the stomach, and the liver.

4. Antidepressant

Patchouli oil is ideal for those suffering from depression, anger, sadness, and anxiety as it helps them get over these feelings and gives them hope. This is one of the reasons why this oil is often used in aromatherapy to boost mood and relax tension.

5. Astringent

This potent oil encourages contractions in the skin, nerves, and muscles. So, it`s no wonder that it prevents sagging of the skin, loosening of the muscle tissues, prevents hair loss, and strengthens the gum of the teeth.

6. Diuretic

Due to its diuretic properties, patchouli oil increases both the quantity and frequency of urination. Consequently, this helps improve appetite, lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure levels, stimulate weight loss, and eliminate toxic waste from the body.

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7. Sedative

This powerful oil reduces inflammation and sedates a cough, epileptic attacks, and coughs that stem from hyper-reactivity or hypersensitivity of the nerves.

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8. Aphrodisiac

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Patchouli oil is ideal for treating sexual problems like loss of libido, frigidity, disinterest in sex, sexual anxiety, erectile dysfunctions, and impotence.


As mentioned in the very beginning, patchouli oil acts as tonic which tones up the body, improves metabolic functions like absorption of nutrients, and tones the intestines, liver, and the stomach.

10. Cytophylactic

This property stimulates growth by encouraging the generation of new cells. It stimulates the production of red blood cells too, which in turn increases energy. Ultimately, by boosting oxygenation of organs and cells in the body, it increases the overall metabolism.


Due to its rich, sweet and musky fragrance of this oil, it is effective in eliminating body odor. But, note that it can be quite strong to some people`s senses, so always use it in a diluted form.

12. Insecticide

Patchouli oil is effective at repelling insects like ants, mosquitoes, flies, moths, fleas, lice, and beg bugs. It is often used in vaporizers, fumigants, body lotions, sprays, and incense sticks.


Last but not least, patchouli oil stops fungal infections and growths at their tracks, meaning that it protects against infections like Athlete`s foot.


Patchouli oil doesn’t often elicit irritation or an allergic response when applied to the skin. But you should still be careful when initially applying it in case a reaction occurs. Never apply undiluted patchouli essential oil to the skin.

Because patchouli oil can affect blood clotting, the following people should avoid using patchouli oil:

  • those taking blood-thinning medication
  • individuals who have recently had or will be undergoing major surgery
  • those with bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia

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