This Little-Known Fruit Tastes Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream!

One of my greatest sins that always slips me, when I try to cut down on sugar is… ice cream! This guilty pleasure is something I find so hard to resist that now, when there are so many vegan options available nearby, it’s almost impossible to say ‘no’ to the inviting thought of a delicious, creamy ice cream.

Imagine how excited I was to learn about a new fruit that gives another vegan, sugar-free alternative to this sweet summer delight, without adding that much to your daily calorie intake!

Everything about the Blue Java Banana seems like a hoax: Can the fruit be this blue? Does it really taste like ice cream? Was it really invented by Sirs Ben and Jerry, on a night when they were feeling like they’d already conquered the world of pints and wanted to move on to more fantastical creations?!

Okay, that last part is a complete lie, but the first two are true.

Blue Java Bananas are known as “ice cream bananas”

because they have a creamy texture and flavor that’s oddly reminiscent of vanilla custard or soft serve. They start out bluish—or blue-green—before they ripen, and seem made for pureeing and freezing into the one-ingredient ice cream (AKA frozen banana puree) that seems to go viral every summer.

They are fluffier and creamier than your typical banana, 

and you can find them growing in Hawaii, southeast Asia and parts of central America. Though they’re usually found in tropical climates, they’re pretty cold tolerant, as long as they get a decent amount of sunlight. So if you’re aching to try them, why not plant a tree yourself? Blue Java Banana Trees are sold on Amazon. Depending on what kind of commitment you’re ready for—and your budget—you can either buy seeds or a live plant. Throw in some fertilizer specially made for banana trees and a cabana daybed, and you’re well on your way to turning your backyard into an oasis.