The Suprisingly Simple Way To Use Coconut Oil To Boost Your Immunity And Prevent Body Infections

Coconut oil has become somewhat of a hype! Not only does it make a great substitute for butter, it is super delicious to use in all kinds of meals (including raw vegan desserts), but it turns out to have some amazing healing properties.

Ah well, another ‘cure for all’ you would say. Don’t get me wrong, I am far from being a fan of the ‘cure for all’ propaganda, but I have personally tested the amazing properties of coconut oil over the spread of a couple of years, and I can wholeheartedly confirm, it can make miracles if you are consistent with its use!

Why Coconut Oil is Good for Immunity

Coconut contains two special ingredients that make it excellent for immunity. These are anti-viral properties, commonly referred to as lauric acid and caprylic acid. Both are well-known for fighting off yeast vergrowth (candida), along with bacterial infections. Coconut is actually comprised of 50 percent lauric acid, which the body converts to monolaurin, an antiviral agent that fights off a variety of pathogens and viruses. Many of the viruses and pathogens coconut oil has been found to prevent include the following: herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, HIV, listeria monocytogenes, helicobacter pylori, and harmful protozoa such as giardia lamblia. If you don’t know what all those are, don’t fret – just know that coconut oil is truly a wonderful tool to keep in your immunity kit of wellness as a more natural solution. Though it hasn’t been found to be a proven cure for any disease, the antiviral properties in coconut oil have been through extensive research.

Why Coconut’s Fats Are Unique

Coconut’s oils are also comprised of medium chain tryglyceride fats, which are used by the liver to aid in cleansing and for fuel (energy.) Unlike most fats that are stored, coconut’s fats are used for metabolism. They’ve been linked to cleansing the bloodweight loss, and even boosting digestion as another benefit. Coconut’s fats, unlike most saturated fats, have also been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, due to the high amounts of lauric acid coconut contains. The lauric acid content has also been shown to lower blood sugar and high blood pressure.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Immunity:

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If you’re looking to boost your immunity naturally, simply use a teaspoon of coconut oil a day. While some proponents advise going with multiple tablespoons, coconut’s anti-viral effects can be quite strong unless you’re used to them. A common issue known as the die off effect, is well known to cause unpleasant symptoms like headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, etc. as bacteria starts to die off in the body with the use of coconut oil. To prevent that and still get the benefits, along with prevent the need to take in tablespoons of pure oil a day, just use a teaspoon. You can stir it in coffee, which many people refer to as bulletproof coffee, or you can use it in any of your dishes like oatmealsoupssmoothies, stews, or even make dessert and cook your veggies in it. If you’re not comfortable using coconut oil, go with coconut butter, which retains all the fiber naturally found in coconut, along with some of the oil.

You can also use coconut oil on your skin, which is our largest organ. We absorb everything we put on our skin straight into the bloodstream, within minutes of contact. Protect your skin just like you would your internal organs when it comes to fighting off immunity invaders. Coconut may act as a natural “shield” for viruses and bacteria in the environment, and as bonus, you’ll smell amazing!

What to Remember About Coconut Oil and Immunity

Remember that coconut oil isn’t a miracle cure for any illness, though it does research backing its benefits. You should also remember that eating a well-balanced, plant-based diet free of processed foods, unhealthy fats, refined sugar and grains, and animal products is important to obtain a healthy immune system as well. That being said, if you’re already eating a diet that’s healthy and want an extra boost, add some superfoods to your diet, including coconut oil, and even camu camu and goji berries, which also have immune-boosting properties. Avoid refined coconut oils, and go with extra-virgin and organic for the best quality.

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