The New Super Mushroom Tea That Can Destroy Cancer Cells Yet Is Gentle On The Digestive System

Like many folk remedies that have been used for a long time, there is probably a rational reason for their use.

More than 20 different bioactive ingredients can be found in Chaga mushrooms, with some attacking cancer cells and preventing further development.

The medicinal name for Chaga mushrooms is Inotus obliquus, a black-brown fungus that belongs to the Hymenochaetaceae family. They grow in mass on older birches and have the texture of cork. Unlike many mushrooms, Chaga mushrooms have neither smell nor taste. In cooler parts of the world, Chaga is abundant and can be grown in the wild. They can only be separated from the trees with the help of a saw or an ax, in large cubes. All you have to do is soak one piece of mushroom Chaga in hot water and tea can be made. Chaga is popular in the folk medicine of North America, Finland, Poland and the northernmost parts of China and Japan, while in Russia it has been used as a cancer medicine since the 16th century.

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There are currently 135 scientific texts on this fungus, 44 of which are related to cancer treatment. One noted: “Of the 48 patients in Poland in 1957, 10 were treated with Chaga mushrooms, and the effect was manifested in the reduction of tumors, pain, improved sleep and mood and increased appetite. Most of the patients were women who had cervical or breast cancer.

In a 2015 experiment, anticancer ingredients were extracted from a powder cup three times with 60C water. Alcohol was used to extract other ingredients. This is essential information for anyone who wants to make their own Chaga mushroom tea, to get all the ingredients they need right without losing them.

How to Make Your Chaga Tea?

Finished Chaga tea can be purchased online, in powder or capsule form. But if you want to judge the freshness of the tea yourself, you can also get it in pieces from Siberia and Maine.

Simply take a portion of the Chaga mushroom, place it in a bowl, then pour over warm water. Leave it for about an hour. Be careful not to use boiling, hot water. You can use the mushroom cube a maximum of three times.

After soaking it with water, you can put it in vodka, since alcohol can extract more ingredients, which water cannot. You can also put a little liquor with alcohol in an aqueous solution to protect it from dirt. When you are ready to use it, you can warm it up and it is ready to drink.

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