Russell Simmons Shows Exactly How To Defend Being Vegan In A BRILLIANT Interview

Russell Simmons shows us exactly how to react to statements like ‘I could never give up meat’ and it’s simply brilliant!

What is YOUR reaction when you are being challenged in a social environment? I get this quite a lot since I have a hobby stroke second job that involves dealing (and sometimes eating out) with big groups of people. And one thing I have found out is – getting overexcited, screamy, and defensive is no good!

I absolutely love the example Russell Simmons gives in this interview with his laid-down yet confident, humble attitude.

His voice and his choice of language is firm, yet mild and can get anyone to listen rather than attack. I cannot stress enough the importance of the message each and every one of us sends out to the world with our behavior as vegan advocates. It is not only our individual choice of food, but also each of our individual choice of social behavior that is going to contribute to veganism going mainstream.

And Russell Simmons is one heck of an example!

Too expensive, not natural, too hard to follow—these are all common arguments against a vegan diet the founder of Def Jam and author of The Happy Vegan, is quite familiar with (being vegan for 17 years).

In this episode of If Our Bodies Could Talk, Simmons teaches senior editor James Hamblin how he defends the plant-based diet that many love to hate.

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