Debunking The Plant Protein Combining Myth

Still believe that plant protein is inferior to animal protein? See this!

This is a topic of uppermost importance that I have decided to publish here on I Nourish Gently, because throughout my meatless years I have also believed this myth, and put extra effort to combine plant-based foods in order to get ‘complete protein’.

I believe this is something more vegans need to be aware of, because the idea of having to be mindful and combine foods in order to get ‘complete’ protein can add extra tension and anxiety to a lifestyle that’s easier to maintain if it weren’t for all these misconceptions we were somehow tricked into believing.

Claims that plant proteins are not as good and that they have to be eaten in certain combinations in order to supply the body with the necessary nutrients have now been dismissed by the nutrition community as myths, and I believe more people need to learn this now.

Rather than me trying to explain why, I suggest you watch this great educational video on the topic:

To sum up the most important point from the video, I will outline it in big bold letters here:

Plant-based consumers do not need to be AT ALL concerned about amino acid imbalances from plant proteins that make up our usual diets.

Still have someone who questions where you get your protein from? Show them this video!