Powerful Vegan Drink For Proper Thyroid Gland Functioning and Healing

Please note the remedies mentioned in this article are not meant to replace your thyroid hormone replacement medication. Always speak to your doctor before making any changes to your medication protocol or starting supplements to be sure they are right for you.

The thyroid gland normally releases many crucial hormones that travel throughout the bloodstream and reach receptors that are found throughout the whole body, so a disturbance in thyroid function can cause widespread, noticeable health problems.

According to some estimates, 40 percent of the population suffers with some form of low thyroid function. Women, especially older women, are the most susceptible group for developing hypothyroidism. People who are elderly or who have other existing autoimmune diseases – like type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and celiac disease, for example – are also at a higher risk.

Some of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism? Changes to your metabolism, heart function, digestion, energy, appetite, sleep, mood – even the growth of your hair, skin and nails.

The first step in treatment of hypothyroidism

is to eliminate the effects and causes of the thyroid dysfunction, such as inflammation, overuse of medications, nutrient deficiencies, and changes in hormones due to stress. The hypothyroidism diet eliminates foods that can cause inflammation and immune reactions and instead focuses on foods that help heal the GI tract, balance hormones, and reduce inflammation.

This natural remedy, combined with appropriate therapy, works wonders in improving the work of the thyroid gland.


  • 100 ml of water
  • 200 ml of cranberry juice
  • A little ginger powder
  • Half teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • Little bit, grounded nutmeg
  • One spoon of orange juice
  • One spoon of lemon juice


Heat the water, add the cranberry juice and spices, and boiling the mixture for 20 minutes. Get it out of the heat and let it cool down. Then, add orange and lemon juice. After that, drink the prepared amount for one day.

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