Organic Vegan Vending Machine Pops Up In Melbourne !

Is this the most Melbourne thing ever? Vegan vending machine spotted offering coconut water, green juice and organic salads

The vending machine offers an assortment of juices and kombucha tea

It is labelled as ‘organic’ and has an inspirational quote written on the front

It’s located opposite parliament house in Melbourne, on the corner of Bourke St


A trends expert believes Melbourne could become the vegan capital of the world!

Most people use the vending machine as a way of satisfying some of their guiltier pleasures.

Even if you’re trying to avoid the naughtier treats, like a can of Coke or a packet of chips, usually the only ‘nutritious’ option is a bag of salted peanuts or a calorie-laden muesli bar.

But one vending machine located on the corner of Melbourne‘s Bourke and Spring Streets has decided to change that by promoting food that is ’24 hour vegan.’

Instagram user Lana Schwarcz uploaded a picture of the snack dispenser on Monday which appears to sit opposite the city’s tram line.

Organic Vegan Vending Machine Pops Up In Melbourne !

While the reflection on the machine makes it difficult to see exactly what’s inside, there does appear to be many blank spaces – signalling that it’s being used frequently.

On the bottom three shelves there are an assortment of salads in round cardboard containers, sandwiches, chia chocolate, coconut water, three kinds of juices and kombucha, which is a variety of black or green teas that have been fermented.

In the far right-hand corner of the dispenser there are bottles of coconut water which is highly publicised as being a ‘superfood’

The machine is labelled with ‘organic vegan sustenance’ and also features the inspirational quote

‘He who is not satisfied with a little, is satisfied with nothing.’

It works in much the same way as a regular machine would, allowing the customer to pin in a number allocated to their specific choice and watch it drop to the bottom of the vendor.

There seems to be an option for both credit card and cash available.

This isn’t the first time a vegan vending machine has cropped up in the city, with young entrepreneurs Dane Blackburn and Laura Anderson launching The Füd Revolution two years ago.

Organic Vegan Vending Machine Pops Up In Melbourne !