NOW AVAILABLE! The Vegan Tuna Sushi Everyone Went Nuts About

Some time ago, vegans went crazy over a vegan tuna sushi recipe, which however, was not fully available due to proprietary rights.

The full process of preparation is still not disclosed, but now, the deliciously-looking treat is more easily available thanks to Whole Foods!

Starting Nov. 1, the Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market grocery chain will add the plant-based tuna sushi option to its sushi bars

in the New York and Los Angeles markets. The product was created by New York-based Ocean Hugger Foods, which found a way to mimic raw tuna using tomatoes.

Andy Sasser, who helps makes decisions about what prepared foods are sold at Whole Foods, told Supermarket News he discovered the tomato-based tuna while perusing vendors at the 2017 National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago.

The tomato-based sushi is comprised of just five ingredients:

NOW AVAILABLE! The Vegan Tuna Sushi Everyone Went Nuts About

tomatoes, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, and filtered water. And while its creators are guarding the process as proprietary information, they say they’ve managed to mimic the fattiness and texture of fish, and even if the cuts don’t taste exactly like the real thing, they do come close. Sasser described it as being “not tomato-y” and mild—something that will likely entice vegans and vegetarians, and hopefully omnivores, too.

Tomatoes naturally contain lots of glutamic acids,

which Ocean Hugger Foods says are responsible of the savory flavor of many meat foods. The company says it is already working to create similar eel and salmon products.

Whole Foods has been known to ‘take risks’ with plant-based alternatives

to meat products, most notably with Beyond Meat, a plant-based burger that is sold alongside real beef cuts in the store’s meat section. That happened because an executive in the Rocky Mountain region of the company decided to give the meatless burger a shot when other executives and grocery chains passed on the opportunity.