The New Zero-Waste Vegan Packaging You Can Eat!

Have your packaging and eat it too: New edible substitute for plastic could combat waste around the world (and you’ll never guess what it’s made of)!

An Indonesian company has developed edible packaging in a bid to eliminate waste.

Indonesian-based start-up Evoware hopes to replace plastic with its biodegradable seaweed packaging that can be eaten along with the food inside.

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‘We want to create a cleaner world by stopping plastic waste from the root,’

co-founder of Evoware David Christian told Fast Company.

The New Zero-Waste Vegan Packaging You Can Eat!
Mr Christian’s home country creates the second-highest amount of plastic waste in the world and most of it ends up in oceans and rivers.

The company uses seaweed because it does not create waste, it is biodegradable, it sucks up carbon dioxide while growing and is grown without fertilisers, water, or any other resources.

Seaweed is also nutritious as it is high in fibre and vitamins.

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The Evoware seaweed is tested for food safety and converted into food packaging that can be eaten.

The New Zero-Waste Vegan Packaging You Can Eat!

It dissolves in hot water without any chemicals.

Currently seaweed packaging  is more expensive to manufacture than plastic, but with growing interest the company hopes production costs will go down.