New Vegan Wine Brand By Cameron Diaz!

Actress Cameron Diaz has partnered with Katherine Power, founder of Versed Skincare, to produce Avaline, a new line of vegan wines.

Marketed as a clean wine brand, Avaline has launched with the release of a white and a rosé.

Avaline White is described as a dry wine with a crisp finish and is made in Spain. The brand’s rosé is reportedly light and fresh with notes of melon and zest, and is made in France.

According to a press release, Avaline is committed to making vegan-friendly, organic wines more accessible. All of its grapes are grown with low-to-no irrigation in vineyards free of harsh chemical pesticides.

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Vegan Wine And What It’s Missing

In April 2018, Diaz and Power started learning everything they could about the winemaking process from its production to distribution.

“I enjoyed wine for many-a-year and never questioned it…but I had no idea of the process… We soon learned it wasn’t what you added, it’s what you didn’t add,” Diaz said.

Unlike standard wines that contain added sugars, colors, and concentrates Avaline wines are free of unnecessary additives with each label displaying ingredient transparency.

Avaline White and Rosé are available for purchase at select retailers in 43 states plus the District of Columbia and on the Avaline website.