New Vegan Restaurant So Popular Police Had To Shut It Down!

You know veganism is spreading at an unprecedented rate when…

The Local reports the grand opening of Dandy Diner, the new vegan place in Berlin’s Neukölln neighbourhood attracted such a huge crowd that police had to come and shut it down. Hundreds of hungry veg lovers came together to acknowledge the new veg-friendly place in town, while Dandy Diner could merely offer 40 seats – this is how traffic got blocked, and the police had to interfere. (see video below)

All in all, about 300 people were packed into the crowded restaurant and 500 more were waiting outside on the street!

Tell me about vegan food not going mainstream

Dandy Diner serves sandwiches, burgers, salads, sweets and cakes in their brand new space. The team posted a Facebook event offering free burgers and drinks to create buzz around the new restaurant, never anticipating the crowds they’d draw.

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Unable to control the hungry vegans, law enforcement told the owners they’d have to end the party immediately, or they would be forced to clear out the shop themselves.

Fashion blogger Carl Jakob Haupt (one half of the Dandy Diner team) told reporters “I think it’s a shame that the party ended so quickly. But in the end I’m satisfied. It was the best restaurant opening that there’s ever been.”

Honestly, they can’t buy better publicity. The restaurant is now open daily, serving a more reasonable crowd from 12pm-10pm or 12am. If the food is as great as the marketing, they’ll be successful for some time! Here’s hoping their popularity with help influence more Germans to give veganism a shot.

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