REVEALED: Meat And Dairy Increase The Risk OF Alzheimer’s Disease

In an article, recently published in the British outlet Express, new piece of evidence is revealed about meat and dairy heavy western diets.

A “WESTERN” diet rich in meat and high-fat dairy puts people at a greater risk of Alzheimer’s, researchers claim.

They also found that diets with even lower meat content – like those found in India, Japan, and Nigeria – reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s even further.

Dr William Grant said:

“Reducing meat consumption could significantly reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease as well as several cancers, Type 2 diabetes, stroke and chronic kidney disease.”

Speaking from the Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Centre in San Francisco, he added:

“Mounting evidence from ecological and observational studies, indicates that the Western dietary pattern – especially the large amount of meat – is strongly associated with risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic diseases.

“While the traditional Mediterranean diet is associated with about half the risk for Alzheimer’s disease of the Western diet, the traditional diets of countries such as India, Japan, and Nigeria, with very low meat consumption, are associated with an additional 50 per cent reduction in risk of Alzheimer’s.”

In the UK, one person is diagnosed with dementia – caused by such diseases as Alzheimer’s – every three minutes, with the condition costing the economy £23billion every year.

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While age is the biggest risk factor for Alzheimer’s, diet and lifestyle certainly play a big role.

Dr. Simon Ridley, director of research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said that research has linked plant-based diets rich in fruit, vegetables, and nuts to better cognitive health.

In addition to preventing Alzheimer’s disease, a plant-based diet is linked to reduced risk of heart disease and certain cancers. It is also associated with cell regeneration, keeping you feeling younger and more vibrant!

By switching to a healthy vegan diet you’ll not only feel great but also help the planet and animals!

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