Meat In Maternal Diet Affects Future Stress And Blood Levels In Children

Just following the ridiculous piece of news I posted today about an Italian MP proposing a law to jail parents, who feed their children a vegan diet, here is a study that proves meat in a mother’s diet can actually harm children and affect their future health and stress levels.

Here is an extremely well-structured argument, based on research, showing that that the spikes in stress hormone levels every time one eats meat may not just affect their health, but that of their children, too.

Substantial evidence now suggests that high protein diets during pregnancy has adverse effects on the fetus.

For example, back in the 60s an experiment was carried out in Motherwell, Scotland in which pregnant women were told to eat a high meat diet in hopes of preventing preeclampsia, a disease of pregnancy.

Here is what happened instead:

This goes a long way in demonstrating that indeed a plant-based diet is not only perfectly safe for children – it is better for them even before they are born!

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