Major Dairy Company Investing $60 Million in Vegan Alternatives

Danone, a food company most famous for its yogurt, is investing up to $60 million in a plant-based beverage facility in Mount Crawford, Virginia.

Earlier this year, Danone (known as Dannon in the U.S.) acquired WhiteWave Foods for nearly $12.5 billion. Now the company plans to invest in WhiteWave’s manufacturing facility in Virginia, expanding the warehouse, increasing production capacity, and creating 49 new jobs.

Now operating as DanoneWave, the company has several plant-based brands, including Silk, So Delicious, and Vega.

Danone knows that the future is vegan. In its efforts to purchase WhiteWave Foods quickly, the corporation dropped its animal-based dairy company Stonyfield to eliminate unfair competition with WhiteWave’s plant-based brands.

DanoneWave isn’t the only company investing in vegan alternatives.

Just recently, Campbell’s decided to join the Plant Based Foods Association, a vegan lobbying group. Additionally, Unilever invested in a study on plant-based meats earlier this year, and the corporation owns Ben & Jerry’s, which has launched vegan versions of its popular ice cream flavors.

DanoneWave’s investment in vegan dairy alternatives is not only a smart business move; it is great news for the cows who suffer horribly in the dairy industry.

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