10 Surprisingly Exciting Vegan Ways To Use Lentils

Protein is a necessary diet staple – you can’t live without it (even though you don’t need AS MUCH) as most people claim. To learn more on How Much Protein Exactly For Vegans, click here.

As a vegan, what’s one of the best ways to get protein? The class of legumes called lentils!

There are lots of different types of lentils,

but cooking well with them involves just a few key preparation steps, including rinsing and avoiding cast iron or aluminum pans. What you get is the third highest source of protein as well as an excellent source of other nutrients such as fiber and potassium.

Maybe you’ve tried lentils and didn’t care for their texture or taste. That’s OK because there are lots of ways to prepare this delicious, nutritious food. Toast them and add them to homemade bars, for example. Mix up in a salad. Puree for a thicker soup. Make it patties, or use them in tacos. While you’re at it, you’ll be able to try more and more varieties of lentils.

Looking forward to getting more protein from this excellent source?

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Use this graphic to get all excited about lentils and start adding them more to your diet!

Source: Fix.com Blog

Did this cool infographic give you some fresh ideas? What’s YOUR favorite way to use lentils?