Large Food Chain Plans To Open Fully Vegan Supermarkets

Holland & Barret, one of UK’s most respected food chains has announced their plans to invest in a fully vegan food store. The decision is made partially due to CEO Peter Aldis wife’s recent switch to veganism, who decided to make the positive change after educating herself on the health and environmental benefits of plant-based eating.

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In an interview for The Telegraph, Aldis pointed out that the new development will be as a response to  the ‘health-conscious consumer’ and the growing vegan movement.

Aldis also said:

“Today there is a trend towards veganism.

“We are working on a vegan-only store.

“It is our space and we should be in it.”

He also revealed that the company has been adapting their offerings in the rest of the stores, too, in order to accommodate the changes in consumer preferences towards cruelty-free living. This encompassed a change involving the removal of products that included gelatin and krill.

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