Jamie Oliver Calls For ‘Milkshake Tax’

Jamie Oliver has called for the sugar tax to be extended to milkshakes.

Jamie and his pal Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall spoke at the Commons hearing today and the pair brought along a milkshake each. But not to drink. They called for the dreaded tax to be slapped on the milky drinks, just like it was put on fizzy beverages last month.

The two millionaires said that if they had it their way, they would drive up the price 12p for every half-litre bottle, which would add nearly 10 per cent to the current price. He went on to tell the health committee that he sees the sugar tax as a ‘fantastic policy.’ The 42-year-old said: ‘I definitely don’t think we should overuse taxing, but I think there is some logic to opening it out to milk products, which are jam packed with additives and sugar and they’re currently outside of that taxing.’

He then pointed out that a strawberry Yazoo contains nine teaspoons of sugar, and his friend Hugh said his chosen drink (a Mars milkshake) had ten teaspoons. Jamie went on to say how it was ‘immoral’ to advertise ‘high salt, fat, sugar products’ to children. But calling for the tax to be extended wasn’t enough for the chef, as he suggested there should be a ban on TV ads for junk food during popular shows like The X Factor. He said: ‘If they watch a whole season of that, that is a junk food movie that they are going to consume and see in the time of watching that traditional broadcast.’

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