*Instant Pot* Vegan CASHEW YOGURT (3-Ingredients Only!)

There are so many things I love about homemade cashew yogurt. Firstly, it’s super fast and easy to make when you use your Instant Pot! Secondly, it’s full of probiotics . It’s also vegan. Thirdly…it’s SO SMOOTH and delicious!!! and needs NO thickener, with just 3 ingredients!

How can you beat that?

Instant Pot Yogurt (dairy-free)

I don’t know why it took me so long to start making yogurt in my Instant Pot. (Find the Instant Pot I use here.) It is seriously the easiest method ever! Just 3 ingredients in the blender–> one button, and it does all the work, in less than a day!

Dairy-free yogurt is yours. (That doesn’t taste like coconut.)

Save Money

AND…I LOVE the economy of this recipe BECAUSE you can save a bit each time you make this recipe, to reinoculate your next batch. This approach saves money: while I love the beautiful dairy-free yogurt culture I link to below, this recipe would get awfully pricey if it used a packet from the box for every batch of yogurt. I give exact details in the Recipe Notes below for how to keep your yogurt going without using a packet each time.


Sweetening the yogurt? I like to use the teeniest bit of stevia before the yogurt cultures, so it’s ready to eat when it’s done, and I don’t need to add any maple syrup; that’s me. You can do that; I give directions below. OR if you love and prefer an unrefined liquid sweetener, you can drizzle that on once the yogurt’s done.


I give a range in the recipe. You can ferment the yogurt for up to 20 hours for extra probiotics. Your yogurt will get tangier the longer it ferments. Choose your ferment time based on the flavor you prefer and how high in probiotics you want your yogurt to be.


Eat this yogurt plain. It’s actually super lovely and special when it’s just finished and still warm– so thick and creamy and other-worldly. Warm or cold, eat plain; top a waffle!, top with berries; use as a dip; you know what to do!

May this change your life forever in all the good ways probiotic foods do! It’s never been so easy and pleasurable to be dairy-free!

You’ll Just Need

  • 3 cups cashews, or cashew pieces
  • 2-1/2 cups filtered water
  • 1 packet yogurt starter dairy-free (see Recipe Notes)
  •  stevia, to taste, optional

Get the full recipe here.