Hunting The Mutated Radioactive Beasts of Chernobyl

Radiation poisoning at Chernobyl struck women, man, and children, who were forced to flee from their homes. Not just schools, houses and homes had to be left behind after the disaster, but lives were changed, dreams were shattered and the reality in this place took on a new face – one of abandonment and destruction.

There were some of those living in Chernobyl, who could not do much about their fate, though. The non-human creatures, who were left to now inhabit the ruins were changed and mutated from the radiation, some of which – beyond recognition. These helpless beings had to face the circumstances as they came and somehow survive in the harsh environment. The video below is yet another portrayal of human ignorance and lack of compassion towards other living beings, as it shows the hunt of these poor animals.

We, at I Nourish Gently take a strong stance against such behavior, believing the rights of these animals have to be protected, as any Earth life is no less precious than another.

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What are your views on preserving the right and life of all living creatures?

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Photo credit: Pinterest National Geographic