How to Talk About Your Vegan Lifestyle On The First Date

Worried about Revealing Your Vegan Lifestyle? Here’s a Great Way to Do It!

Being a vegan is no easy task. Cutting out meat and animal-related products means that you have to constantly go out of the way to find foods that fit in with your diet. It can also be difficult for your partner to live according to your diet, whether you’re in Kayasatha Matrimony or Pillai Matrimony.

Hence, people usually avoid telling their partners that they’re vegan for quite a long time. But, waiting so long to tell someone about such an important part of your lifestyle can also have disastrous effects. So, consider revealing this about yourself soon.

It can be scary to tell someone you’re vegan. Some people do tend to find it an off-putting characteristic in people – but you don’t need those people in your life. To help you be more upfront about your diet, we’ve compiled this guide on how you can tell them that you’re vegan on the first date.

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Choose the Restaurant

This is an important step. If you leave it up to your date to choose the restaurant, you may have to have an awkward talk at the restaurant if the menu has no vegan options. This may lead to your date feeling especially awkward and guilty for choosing a restaurant where you can’t eat anything.

So, you should choose a restaurant that has vegan options yourself. You don’t have to tell your date that this is why you’re choosing the restaurant. This way, you can choose to reveal your diet when you feel comfortable enough to do so – instead of having to reveal it by being put on the spot!

Ask the Question Yourself

Don’t shy away from talking about diet in general. A great way to tell your date that you’re vegan is by approaching the subject with a lot of confidence. Don’t wait for your date to bring it up or for anyone to light a spotlight on you.

If you want to bring up your diet, an excellent way to do so is to ask the question yourself. Ask your date if they have any dietary preferences. If they do, it’ll be easier for you to talk about being a vegan! In case they don’t, they might just ask you if you have any, and you can casually state that you’re vegan.

Be Confident but Respectful

It’s vital that you remain confident about your veganism. If you appear to be unsure, your date may get confused. Be very casual when you talk about your diet. A very important tip to remember is to be respectful of your date’s dietary preferences if they’re not vegan.

Don’t talk about how great being a vegan is or how it’s the right thing to do. Be respectful of your date’s diet too, if you want the same from them!


In today’s world, everyone follows specific diets – kosher, halal, gluten-free, or vegan. It’s quite likely that you’ll date someone who’s specific about what they eat too. So, don’t worry when you approach this subject and just be confident.