How Sick! Man Runs Over Ducklings: Is His Sentence Enough?

Do not hire this man to mow your lawn!

That’s right, a Florida man has been sentenced to a year in jail for intentionally running over baby ducks, People has reported. He cold-heartedly killed nine ducklings in early May:

John Scott Falbo II, 24, who used to work for a landscaping company, intentionally ran over nine ducklings on May 2 in Wellington, Florida.
On Thursday, Falbo was sentenced to a year in Palm Beach County Jail and three years probation for both the duck massacre and separate charges of domestic battery.

And here is what he has to say about his twisted behavior:

jason-falbo-435“They were in my path so I just kept mowing”

But Boyd Jentzsch, who witnessed the disturbing incident alongside his wife and their young son, remembers it differently. “He wasn’t even cutting the grass … He went right toward [the ducklings] and veered to the left,”

Do you think there could be ANY justification of his behavior?

Do you think his punishment is enough?

Share your views on this story and how do you think such incidents can be prevented in today’s society.