How A Raw Diet Saved This Mother’s Daughter

I’ve come across a large amount of reported stories of people being healed from cancer thanks to a completely raw or juicing diet. And I am glad to see awareness is spreading online and proof is coming out that our food indeed can be our medicine in numerous ways!

Like everything else on the Living Planet, our bodies are designed and structured to be perfect, self-supporting, self-purification, self-healing systems.

In 1933 Dr. William Howard Hay of New York published the groundbreaking book “A new era in health care,” in which he argued that the cause of all diseases is autotoxication i.e. accumulation of acids in the body:

“Today our departure from health is exactly proportional to the reduction of alkali due to the consumption of acid forming foods… “

Another author – Dr. Theodore A. Baroodi said the same in his book Аlkalized or Die (Alkalize or Die, Dr. Theodore A. Baroody.): “The countless names of diseases are irrelevant. It is important that they all come from the same basic cause … too much tissue acid waste in the body. “

If the food we eat creates an acidic environment of the body, it also affects the blood and the body tries to balance pH. Our body as we said is an incredibly smart machine. When we consume foods that increase the acidity, the body extracts from our bones and organs valuable minerals – calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium. These minerals neutralize acids and they are then removed from the body. Magnesium is the first among the minerals that the body disposes of without a sufficient source to restore it. Without magnesium, more than 300 enzymatic operations in the body become impossible, and so does the processing and absorption of calcium. All this causes our body to suffer, which, however may not be noticed for years and therefore often leads to serious disease. But strangely enough official medicine prefers to keep quiet about it.

So here is the story of this near miraculous healing case

Maya suffered with a severe form of eczema since she was a young baby. At the age of one, red, flaky skin broke out all over Maya’s body forcing her mother to resort to the conventional doctor-recommended treatment for eczema, steroid cream.

As supplemental advice, Maya’s pediatrician also recommended removing cow’s milk from her diet and replacing it with goat’s milk (about 15% of infants experience a dairy protein allergy, with common allergic symptoms manifesting on the skin). After doing so, Maya’s mother noticed that it had worked, but this only lasted for a short while.

It wasn’t long before Maya began to experience constant colds, a side effect Maya’s mother figured was due to the steroid cream. Steroid creams have a remarkable skin-penetrating ability which can flood the bloodstream and kill the cells which provide immunity against pathogens. Maya’s mother worried that the cream was only covering up the problem, rather than solving the root of the issue.

At the age of 4, Maya’s eczema returned with a vengeance. Her mother had already decided not to use the steroid cream, and resorted to a naturopathic approach.  She cleaned up Maya’s diet by cutting out milk, gluten and refined sugars all together, a tactic which proved beneficial as she watched her daughters eczema disappear yet again.

When Maya turned 7, her eczema flared up again worse than ever before. This time however, Maya was also found to have candida and parasites. In desperation, Maya’s mother went to her diet once again, this time cutting out meat and eggs as well as sugar. But her efforts were to no avail, as symptoms seemed to be getting worse.

After months of playing with Maya’s diet, her mother could see that she was ill from all of their efforts to rid Maya of her candida. She was losing weight rapidly, which her mother attributed to Maya’s gut’s inability to absorb nutrients. It was at this point that she was considering putting Maya back on drugs in fear of losing her daughter.

Once Last Effort To Save Her Daughter

Maya’s mother had tried everything she thought she could, and her daughter’s condition wasn’t getting any better. Right before she decided to put Maya back on drugs, she came across a vegan community on Instagram which posted about how a high-carb, raw vegan diet was showing success in treating candida.

Although this sounded ‘wacky’ to Maya’s mother, she had no other option at that point. She tested out a 10-day banana diet before giving it to Maya, and she noticed she felt fantastic during the program. She immediately started her family on a diet that consisted mainly of fruit, leafy green and healthy fats from things such as avocados, nuts and seeds.

For the past six months, Maya’s skin has completely cleared up since going raw vegan, with only a few tiny dry spots left on her skin. Maya is finally at ease, and her family is feeling the benefits as well.

Today Maya and her family are happy and healthy, traveling the world and documenting their experiences on their YouTube channel, deHappy.


Smoothies are a big part of Maya’s family’s diet.


A raw, whole food diet has changed Maya’s quality of life.

Maya and her siblings on a family vacation.

Maya and her siblings on a family vacation.

Would you do something like this to heal your child? Tell us your views and don’t forget to share with the world – you could save a family’s life!