Hollywood’s Biggest Names Are Leading A Vegan Lifestyle

These 5 celebs are  proof that veganism is beautiful and they’re sharing their thoughts on the matter.

1. Brad Pitt

Hollywood's Biggest Names Are Leading A Vegan Lifestyle

Brad Pitt is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and has been vegan for sometime now! When discussing the matter, Angeline Jolie’s husband had made it clear that he’s not only vegan for the health benefits. The actor is also concerned by the negative environmental effects that comes from raising livestock.

Did you know that agriculture is the number one cause of carbon and methane emissions into our atmosphere? Raising animals produces a huge amount of organic waste that releases huge amounts of methane, which environmentalist experts say is a leading cause of climate change.

2. Olivia Wilde

Hollywood's Biggest Names Are Leading A Vegan Lifestyle

Olivia Wilde has been vegan for 5 years now. Before that, she had been vegetarian since the age of 12! She is an outspoken activist on a number of issues, including animal rights. She even has a website dedicated to the Vegan lifestyle, called “Wilde Things.” This site posts Vegan recipes, stories about her experiences with being Vegan, and interesting information for those who are thinking about becoming Vegan themselves. How cool is that!

3. Demi Moore

Hollywood's Biggest Names Are Leading A Vegan Lifestyle

Have you seen Demi in her 50s? FLAWLESS! Although she’s just in it for health reasons, it still has a huge impact on the animals and the planet. The actress belongs to the “RAW VEGAN”  community where she only eats raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The philosophy behind a raw food diet is the belief that minerals and vitamins are lost once food is heated to a certain temperature. Moore also claims that she is in such good shape because she eats so many fruits and vegetables, which contain a wide range of anti-oxidants that specialize in fighting the ageing process.

4. Miley Cyrus

Hollywood's Biggest Names Are Leading A Vegan Lifestyle

Yes! Miley Cyrus has been vegan for over a year now and loving it! The singer is always promoting veganism on her Instagram page. She even has an adopted pig, and many rescued cats and dogs. Miley is an ethical vegan and will always speak for the voiceless. One of her famous quotes is: “I’d eat dirt before an animal…”

5. Liam Hemsworth

Hollywood's Biggest Names Are Leading A Vegan Lifestyle

Recently, Liam Hemsworth went vegan, after hearing all about the horrific ways the animals are treated. Ever since, he has been advocating for the animals and spreading the vegan message. Who knows, maybe Miley inspired her bo!