Going Vegan Is Hard: 8 Inconvenient Truths We All Need To Admit

OK, before I get bombarded with comments on how I am trying to scare people off veganism, let me get this straight: I do think going vegan can be very easy, once you set your belief system and mind into it. Yet, there are some ‘hard’ aspects of it that people should be prepared for.

How would you feel if someone told you swimming was easy, without letting you know what exactly you should expect when you go into the water? Most likely, you will start choking! And quickly give up… It’s a good idea to admit some of the difficulties of going vegan and take the pink glasses off for a little while.

Despite the enormous amount of health, lifestyle, and personal advantages veganism can offer, here are

8 ‘Hard’ Aspects Of Veganism Anyone Should Be Ready For

Or, just make everything a lot easier even if you’ve been vegan for a while with 145 nutritionally balanced vegan recipes.

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You Probably Will Miss Cheese

Going Vegan Is ‘Hard’: 8 Truths We Need To Admit

But you will quickly find ways to mimic the taste and feel of it, plus discover new favorite foods to feel excited about!

Cheese replacements could be pricey, and indeed are processed foods, but you can still use these in non-excessive amounts.

You may NOT get healthier (initially)

Going Vegan Is ‘Hard’: 8 Truths We Need To Admit

“It’s vegan, so it’s healthy.” NO. Biggest mistake. Eating vegan junk food all day won’t make you healthy. Nor will surviving on potatoes and nuts.

It may take some time for you to learn the nutrition requirements for a healthy vegan diet, but soon the process starts to feel very fulfilling. You are actually gaining important knowledge that stays with you for a lifetime, and you can pass onto your family and kids.

Yes, hard – at first, fun – afterwards!

A weak spot may put you off track

Going Vegan Is ‘Hard’: 8 Truths We Need To Admit

A weak spot for me has always been sleep deprivation. When I was in college, I would either stay up until 3 a.m. to prepare for exams, or I would suffer from insomnia due to too much stress. So, the next morning I would be like Godzilla stomping through the land of cheese fries. The solution: have vegan snacks on hand, and here is when vegan junk food is OK!

Don’t beat yourself up if you succumb to a non-vegan treat – no one is perfect, and transitions could take a lot of time. Go at your own pace – your beliefs and intensions are what will help you lead a compassionate lifestyle in the long term!

Going vegan may be more expensive (but it doesn’t have to)

Going Vegan Is ‘Hard’: 8 Truths We Need To Admit

It only gets really pricey if you drop all kinds of $$$ on faux meats and cheeses, or basically anything processed or packaged. You don’t need all those direct meat “substitutes,” or at least not all of the time.

Once you get the hang of soaking beans and legumes, cooking in bulk, and how to incorporate cheaper substitutions into your recipes, you might even find that going veganism is cheaper. Check out these great shopping tips to make your life way easier!

You may need to spare more time for cooking

Going Vegan Is ‘Hard’: 8 Truths We Need To Admit

But you will probably learn to love it, or at least get some health benefits from eating fresh foods instead of fast food and frozen dinners. Plus, get to own some seriously cool kitchen gadgets like these ones here!

Going Out For Dinner May Stop Being Fun

Going Vegan Is ‘Hard’: 8 Truths We Need To Admit

Especially if you live in a region or country, where old meat-eating traditions are deeply ingrained.

BUT you will learn to have a laugh out of the weird faces waiter make when you ask them to remove or replace ingredients in a meal (I constantly do this with bacon over mushrooms). Plus, you will most likely be excited to discover new cuisines and veg-friendly places to visit – like that great Ethiopian restaurant and the fantastic vegan dahl at that Indian place.

Going vegan will feel inconvenient at times

Going Vegan Is ‘Hard’: 8 Truths We Need To Admit

But you will be rewarded for this with the feeling of doing the right thing.

You may have to hold yourself to a higher standard than before

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There are many vegan stereotypes, concerning how vegans behave in public, how they look, and the ‘lies’ they tell about their lifestyle while being ‘preachy’.

You may feel pressured at first to be an example that breaks all of these, but over time you will feel like you have grown in so many other aspects of your life!

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