10 solid reasons why dating a vegan could mean your BEST relationship ever

We, vegans usually get a bad rap – awkward dinner dates, weird, morally righteous and judgmental. Plus what sort of human being could give up smoked salmon?

Well, you’ve been wrong this whole time.

While crunching celery and scoffing quinoa might not be your cup of green tea, there’s nothing to say that vegans are anywhere as bland as their food (also a complete myth).

Here are 10 solid reasons why vegans make the best partners.


1. First off, vegans are better and more eager in bed.

10 reasons why you should date a vegan

Studies have found that plant-based diets boost hormone levels and heighten sexual activity.

Vegan foods that are rich in zinc such as avocado, almonds and chickpeas are said to elevate testosterone levels and increase sexual libido.

The dating site OKCupid also found that vegetarians prefer giving oral sex.

Guys, I think we’re done here. Need I continue?

2. They’re passionate in and outside the bedroom.


Veganism is still considered a pretty radical choice in our meat-loving country and vegans are constantly forced to justify themselves to other people.

Chances are that if they’re passionate about their cause, they’ll be passionate about you.

3. Vegans are super-cheap dates.


Would you rather split the bill with someone who’s ordered a lobster bisque and beef tenderloin, or pea soup and falafel burger?

Sure, finding a place with a vegan- friendly menu can be tricky – but you’ll win so many bonus points if you do.

4. They’re not afraid of commitment.


Take it from me – giving up meat and dairy is hard. Bacon and cheese are heaven, and it takes serious commitment to stick to your guns.

There’s just no earthly way a relationship can be ever be as hard as quitting pizza.

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5. They’re happier than the rest of us.


Eating more fruit and veg has been shown to improve a person’s mood and result in more energy, calmness and greater feelings of happiness.

6. Vegans are healthier. Healthy = hot.


Thought that glowing, radiant skin came from a vegan’s moral superiority?

It turns out plant-based diets are high in essential vitamins and antioxidants, which help fight wrinkles and result in more youthful skin.

7. Dating a vegan will make you healthier.

The Office

Studies have shown that people who eat more fruit and veg are less likely to develop health problems such as heart disease and cancer.

If a vegan cares about you, they’ll want you to be healthier too. And let’s be honest, it’s probably time to accept that you can’t live on Greggs 24/7 any longer.

8. They’re animal lovers.


I don’t know about you, but I could personally never date someone who couldn’t put up with me getting overly emosh over sloths (ahem, Kristen Bell).

Vegans love animals. You love animals.

End of.

9. Vegans are more accepting and open-minded.

Sloth hug

A survey conducted by Match.com found that while 30% of meat eaters said they wouldn’t date a vegetarian, only 4% of vegetarians said the same of meat eaters.

Statistically, this makes them more desperate for love. WINNER.

10. Vegans live longer.


Let’s be honest, no one wants to die alone.

If you end up marrying a vegan, chances are they’ll be around longer than you’ll be.

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