How To Remove 20 Pounds Of Toxic Waste From Your Colon And Reclaim Your Health With 2 Plant-Based Recipes

Donna Gates, the founder of Body Ecology says that maintaining a healthy digestive system (of which the colon is part of) is equal to maintaining optimal well-being.

The liver, which is the most crucial detox organ in your body, as well as each of your tissues and cells,  rely on your colon working in optimal condition.

Furthermore, if your colon is functioning properly, then you can be sure you are eliminating all of the toxins from your body, instead of just some.

The colon is in charge of receiving all waste products from the throat, lungs, liver, lymph system, sinuses, and blood.

It may also receive some vitamins or electrolytes, or water from any digested foods. These nutrients are then brought back so your body can make full use of them. And here’s where a problem can arise. If, for any reason, your colon is not working as it should, it would fail at doing these crucial tasks. What follows is the unneeded buildup of toxins and waste products that won’t budge, and this, naturally, can have several consequences to your health.

If one were to ask the medical experts, the digestion process of any food you consume can last from 24-44 hours. This is the period in which the food will pass through your bowels and colon, eventually leaving your body in the form of waste. But if you consume foods which lack the proper nutrients (enzymes and fibers), such as processed foods, then your body would need as much as 70 hours to digest them fully.

And it should be no surprise that this will leave your colon with 20 pounds of toxins and waste. The result of this is by no means good news: constipation and irregular bowel movements, which can also be sometimes painful.

What Are The Symptoms of Colon Toxicity?

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There are quite a few, and trust us, you want to avoid them. Which is why keeping your colon healthy is a must. Indigestion, constipation, gas, stomach aches, bloating, diarrhea. Weakened immune system, vaginal infections and bladder problems, skin rashes

Mood swings, depression, memory issues, tiredness, anxiety, brain fogginess. Sore muscles and joint pain.

Recipe #1, Cleansing Your Colon Using Maple Syrup

nettle syrup

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The proud inventor of this colon-cleansing recipe is an alternative medicine practitioner by the name of  Stanley Burroughs. The complete colon detox process lasts  between 10-16 days.

What You’ll Need:

Two tbsp. of organic grade b maple syrup

Twelve ounces of water (best filtered)

Half a tsp. of cayenne pepper

One organic lemon – freshly squeezed

How to Make It:

All you need to do is mix all of these ingredients together, and then consume this mixture 4 times per day. This should be done for a period of 14 days aka 2 weeks.

Recipe #2, Cleansing Your Colon Using Essential Oils

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What You’ll Need:

Ten drops of peppermint essential oil and lemon essential oil

12 ounces of filtered water

One organic lemon – freshly squeezed

How to make it:

Once again, simply mix all of these ingredients together and drink this mixture 3 times per day. This also should be done for a period of 2 weeks.

We believe you’ll be astounded by just how effective both these recipes can be at giving your colon the detoxification it needs and deserves.

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