Colgate Launches Vegan Certified Toothpastes

Оne of the largest toothpaste makers has created two brand new Vegan Society certified products.

The Vegan Society has assured fellow vegans on Instagram that despite Colgates other products not being cruelty-free as they are tested on animals these two new kinds of toothpaste are not tested on our fluffy friends.

The new products also contain no animal products of any kind. Many kinds of toothpaste contain glycerin and other animal-derived ingredients that make them not suitable for vegans.

The Vegan Society responded on social media to the concerns voiced by commenters saying:

“We register individual products to encourage brands with non-vegan products to change.”

The new vegan Colgate product is called “Smile For Good” and is available in Protection or Whitening both packaged in recyclable cardboard.

“Colgate [has] just launched two vegan toothpastes so you can keep your teeth sparkling with a clear conscience,” says Vegan Trademark on its Instagram account.

The certification backs that the toothpaste contains:

“Just a handful of simple ingredients and both the tube and cardboard packaging are recyclable. They will be available across the EU and you’ll be able to find them in supermarkets and other personal care retailers.”