Bryan Adams Credited Veganism For His Youthful Appearance On His 60th Anniversary

Canadian singer Bryan Adams is crediting veganism for his youthful appearance after celebrating his 60th birthday.

The musician has been vegan for more than 30 years and says that eating a plant-based diet has resulted in long-lasting health benefits.

“I’d love to see a comparison photo of me if I hadn’t taken this path,” Adams told The Mirror about his choice to go vegan. “My guess is [that] I’d be a lot heavier and perhaps I’d have gone grey. Oddly, at 60, neither have happened, and I can only attribute that to what I’ve been ingesting.”

On his Shine a Light tour—coming to Europe and the United States in 2020—Adams partnered with The Mirror’s MillionMirrorTrees campaign, which will plant a tree for every ticket sold to help deforestation.

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