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A few examples of sponsored posts on I Nourish Gently and our sister site Vegan Beyond can be found here, here, and here.

I Nourish Gently has established itself as a quickly growing hub for passionate vegans, vegetarians, animal rights activists, green, eco-friendly, and health seekers. With an English-speaking audience from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe of over 119,000 monthly visitors (and growing), and a strong Social Media presence (+77K Facebook followers), we are the ideal partner for promoting your brand, product, or web site to a large number of highly targeted, engaged potential buyers.

Our followers and subscribers respond extremely well to new product announcements and easily convert on any product or offer that is ethical and resonates with their values.

This being said, we would only embrace products and brands that reflect the ethical values of I Nourish Gently. Partners, who are truly passionate about making the world a better place are more than welcome to contact us – besides vegan, cruelty-free, and animal-free products and brands, we are happy to embrace green and eco initiatives and web sites.

If you believe your brand, product, or web site meets these criteria, we would be glad to discuss the advertising and partnering options with you!

We will take a personal approach, offering the best solution, suitable for your business and products!

Please send an email to deainourishgently [at] gmail [dot] com


Web stats at a glance:

  • Monthly unique visitors: +100K (active and engaged)
  • Mainly US-based, with the smaller international segment coming from the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and about 2% from Germany
  • Facebook Fans: + 75K (and growing)
  • Email subscribers: 3000 + 60K FB subscribers (and growing)

Advertising Options

Sponsored Posts

A few examples of sponsored posts on I Nourish Gently and our sister site Vegan Beyond can be found here, here, and here.

I am happy to create a highly engaging sponsored post for your brand or product. I won’t spare creativity and resources to make this a highly convertible piece of writing.

All posts will be heavily promoted on all Social Media channels, including Pinterest. (Please contact me for further social media promotion options)

Banner advertising

I am currently able to offer various ad sizes to go within content, on the site-wide side-bar, as well as a ‘sticky’ option – a banner that visitors see at all times. This is a highly desirable position since it fights ad blindness, and does not compete with other advertisers.

$50/month for a square banner within content, below one of the headings

$450/month for a large right-side sticky skyscraper

$300/month for a left-side sticky skyscraper

If you purchase ad space, your ad will take the place of one of the existing ads, so it will not have to compete with another advertiser. My goal is to provide more relevant ads to my visitors.

In-text advertising

You can also opt for highly convertible in-text advertising. This includes short text and/or image that goes within the content of all articles and is highly visible by both mobile and desktop readers.

Email blasts

If you have a truly awesome product, I am also happy to send out a dedicated email blast to my 3000 email subscribers. Open rates go up to 33%. Please, contact me to discuss rates and type of promotion.

FB Subscriber Blasts

I have a highly engaged audience of Facebook subscribers, and with latest algorithm changes this is the best way to reach social media prospects! We all know organic reach on both Facebook and Instagram has fallen. Facebook does encourage its Messenger platform, however, and therefore open rates and click-through rates are considerably higher. Click-through rates for my Facebook subscribers are 22%-40%!

To discuss these as well as further opportunities, including Social Media Promotion, please contact me at deainourishgently [at] gmail [dot] com.

I would also love to highlight that supporting I Nourish Gently by advertising with us or paying for a sponsored post promotion, you are supporting The Shining Life Foundation, which fights to break new ground for veganism in a place, where few voices for animals currently exist.