9 Superb Vegan Foods That Are Better Than Botox! (We Love No 8!)

We all want to preserve our young-looking appearance for as long as possible, and luckily for us, vegans, numerous real-life examples have proven that a plant-based diet is doing a great job at that! You can check out some super inspiring lifelong vegans, who look 20-30 years younger than they actually are here and here.

It goes without saying, though, that we won’t be able to achieve that on a pasta and potato meal plan, of course. In order to reap the rejuvenating benefits of a vegan diet, we need to purposefully consume a good variety of the right foods that help us keep our skin hydrated, our collagen levels busting, and our stress levels low.


vegan grilled cheese avocado sandwich
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Avocado (also known as the alligator pear) has long been touted for its contribution to healthy, beautiful skin — and for good reason. This creamy, green fruit is packed with vitamin E and B-complex vitamins that nourish the skin. Further, it is also rich in essential fatty acids which help Moisturize the skin, keeping it soft and smooth. But that’s not all — avocados also contain vitamin C. On top of all that, avocados are typically low in pesticides and other harmful chemicals.


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Buckwheat is a superb source of rutin, a bioflavonoid that helps the body utilize vitamin C. Rutin also helps maintain collagen levels in the skin, keeping the skin elastic and firm. What’s more, buckwheat groats are loaded with protein, and the protein they boast includes all eight essential amino acids, all of which are needed for skin repair. Buckwheat groats can be used to make a delicious hot breakfast porridge and buckwheat flour (also known as beechwheat, kasha, and saracen corn) can be used for making baked goods.

Wheat Germ

Fed up with stubborn wrinkles and fine lines? Then be sure to include wheat germ in your diet! Wheat germ is packed with skin-smoothing nutrients. It is naturally very high in selenium and zinc, two important anti- wrinkle trace minerals. It is also a fairly concentrated source of vitamin B6 which promotes the absorption of zinc from the intestines. Furthermore, it is one of the best dietary sources of vitamin E, which is crucial for beautiful skin. On top of all that, it is an excellent source of coenzyme Q10 and protein. Try adding wheat germ to breads, cereals, muesli, milk shakes, or pancakes — it makes a highly nutritious, yet undetectable addition! When storing wheat germ, keep in mind that it goes rancid fast because of its unsaturated fat content. To optimize the shelf life of this excellent anti- wrinkle food, store it in a sealed container in a cool, dry place away from exposure to the sun.

Brazil Nuts

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Brazil nuts are by far the nature’s best dietary source of selenium: a single Brazil nut provides more than the US reference daily intake! Due to their selenium content, combined with their high concentration of vitamin E, Brazil nuts are up there at the top of the anti-wrinkle food list. It is important, however, to bear in mind that Brazil nuts like most other nuts are calorie dense, and therefore they should be consumed in moderation, especially if you are concerned about weight gain.


Decadent Carrot, Apple and Cashew Vegan Cream Soup
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You probably already know that carrots are good for vision, but did you know that they are also a great anti-wrinkle vegetable? Carrots are one of the best dietary sources of beta-carotene — a nutrient that is known to help protect the skin against the free radical damage from sun exposure. Carrots also contain vitamin C and a wealth of other nutrients. When buying these delicious root vegetables, it is advisable to opt for organically grown produce whenever possible. According to research, conventionally grown carrots are among the most contaminated vegetables (in terms of pesticide and chemical content).

Olive oil

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Skin dryness leads to premature wrinkles because when the skin is unable to hold in moisture, it starts to sag. You may think that drinking more water can help moisturize the skin, but this is only partially true. Without the right type of fats in your diet, skin cells are unable to hold water inside, and your skin will stay dry.

Olive oil helps the skin in two ways. Not only does it provide healthy monounsaturated fats, necessary to hold water in the cells, it is also incredibly high in antioxidants. It contains large amounts of vitamin E, more than most plant-based oils, as well as other protective antioxidants such as lutein and vitamin A. This makes it one of the best fats  for preventing wrinkles and keeping skin moisturized.

Use olive oil as your primary oil to add to salads and for dipping. It can be used to sauté foods at a low temperature, but should never be used to deep fry or cook at high temperatures, because high temps can destroy the delicate fats. Just be careful with the portion size; even though olive oil is extremely healthy it is still high in calories, which can add up quickly. A tablespoon or two is all you really need for cooking or as a salad dressing.


Paprika is one of the absolute best spices you can consume if you want to slow down the aging process on your skin. Rich in antioxidants like vitamins C and A, it actually absorbs free radicals which cause serious damage to the collagen of your skin and helps to maintain your skin’s firmness. Add paprika to your foods, smoothies, and any way you can to keep your skin soft, supple, and beautifully firm.

Rooibos tea

High in polyphenols that help protect the skin from premature aging, rooibos tea hydrates the skin and is an alternative to coffee, which can dehydrate your skin.

Fermented foods

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Probiotics regulate digestion and put the good bacteria back in the gut, which can also help skin look healthy, Lipman said. Sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and fermented vegetables are all probiotic-rich.

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