30 Gorgeous Eco-Friendly, DIY Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mum Will Truly Adore

Mum will always be the most special person in your life and nothing will express your appreciation more than a handmade gift! This year, as we are all mostly staying home & shopping online, it makes even more sense to wrap up your sleeves and create a handcrafted masterpiece for a Mother’s Day celebration to remember! Of course, care and attention are something your loved ones are to be showered with daily, but why not have an extra special day to celebrate our love for the person, who has given us life and sacrificed so much for us?

These gifts are not only sweet and thoughtful for Mother’s Day, but are also kind to our planet. Who can ask for a better gift than that?

1. Letters To Mom

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Curly Birds shows you how to create a gift from the heart with a portrait and personalized message. Take time to write a note that includes stories along with heartfelt words about why your Mom is special to you. She’ll recognize the love and thoughtfulness you put into every word.

2. For The Garden

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Add a boutique sign from Hello Good Gravy to a potted plant or flowers. Mom will appreciate the thoughtful addition to her personalized homemade gift.

3. Bright Bobby Pins

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This easy homemade gift by Hopeful Honey only requires two items: bobby pins and nail polish. Create a set of stylish hairpieces for Mom’s special day. Add a variety of colors so she can match them to a variety of outfits.

4. As Sweet As Mom

Be a sweetheart and hand decorate an impressive vegan cake for Mom. She’ll treasure the extra time you took to get the design just right. Here’s something truly impressive that’s also healthy and uses no artificial dyers to try out.

5. Ombre Vases

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Spray paint jars like Kate Maree to make beautiful flower vases in a range of colors like blue, pink and yellow. Add a personalized note to the bottom for a unique Mother’s Day keepsake.

6. Keepsake Box

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Make these cute homemade Mother’s Day gifts using paint and white keepsake boxes. Mom can store her jewelry, heirlooms and travel souvenirs in this handy, hand-crafted box. Let’s Lasso the Moon gives you tips and a list of project materials.

7. Handmade Bookmarks

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For a mom who’s an avid reader, these homemade bookmarks will warm her heart every time she turns the page. Use photos, favorite quotes or a note to Mom for a personalized touch. Follow tips from Marie LeBaron of Make and Takes.

8. Cork Containers

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Cover flower pots with cork for a fresh, stylish look from Paper & Stitch. Pin photos of you and Mom together or handwritten notes to personalize this Mother’s Day gift.

9. DIY Hair Wrap

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Your mom will treasure wearing this handcrafted hair wrap. Using fun and festive colors, she’ll want to wear all the time, whether it’s to her book club, yoga class or night out with friends. Find the craft details from Petite Biet.

10. Photo Magnets

Add some fun to your fridge by personalizing your own magnets. Add a photo of each member of the family and it’ll act as thoughtful reminders for organizing homework, receipts and more.

11. Wall Art

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Make a decorative wall art piece like with favorite photos, quotes, sayings and more. A cute, homemade Mother’s Day gift like this will have her beaming every time she glances at your creative, heartfelt work of art.

12. Homemade Perfume

eco friendly diy mother's day gifts (10)

Mix a batch of homemade perfume (made of florals, fruits or spices) for Mom’s special day. When she’s getting ready in the morning or gearing up for a big night out, she’ll have you to thank. Review the recipe from Katie at Skunk Boy Blog.

13. Scented Soaps

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Homemade scented soaps are a lovely gift for every mom. Because moms do so much, they deserve some rest, relaxation and soaking in the bathtub. Add in a scent like oranges, peppermint or chamomile using tips from A Beautiful Mess.

14. Family Monogram

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Draw or paint a family sign that can be hung inside or outside. Mom will cherish how this represents family and the love you share together. If it’s an outside piece, be sure to protect it with proper sealant. For more tips, check out the Sugar Bee Crafts blog.

15. Simple Headband

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Using an old t-shirt, you can knot a headband for a cute Mother’s Day gift. She can wear it to run errands, head to the gym or lounge around the house. Thanks, Sugar Bee Crafts, for such a fun and easy DIY gift.

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